Does anyone use Amazon Photos or Amazon Drive?

Quick query as I’m trying to work out why when I click on these links in my UK account that they resolve to www_amazon_com/photos not www_amazon_co_uk/photos ?

(. replaced by _ to prevent hyperlinks I hope)

Perhaps it’s normal, either that or my Amazon account profile is a bit confused_

I don’t use Amazon Photos but that url resolves to the UK Amazon site for me. Assuming you don’t have any US addresses associated with your Amazon account it sounds like your DNS is at fault.

If you’re on an Android device you can install an app like Lilly DNS Changer and switch to Cloudflare DNS easily. If on an iOS device change DNS manually

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Good thought, but I think it’s an account issue because the .com links actually work and I get logged in - it’s been like this for ages I just struggle to get help from Amazon support and have not used either service in case it messes up when they sort my account glitch and I lose photos or data.

I just wondered if these services are all hosted at amazon_com URLs for everyone, it seems not, thanks for confirming - prices for drive were in US $ and some blurb mentioned something about Illinois hence my suspicion of an account glitch.

Quite possible I tried Amazon Drive years ago via - I seem to potentially be able to shop there with shipping to UK. Odd.

In which case check the region for your Amazon account. On the main Amazon page, hover over Accounts & Lists in the top right corner of the main Amazon page, then click on Manage Your Content & Devices about half way down the popup menu. Then click on the Preferences submenu along the top of the page then click on Country/Region settings and make sure it is set to UK

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Thanks, it’s already set for UK.

There must be some odd config issue with the account, I’ll do a chat and escalate to their tech support.

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