Does Apple Music Stop Streaming when we take an iPhone out of the house?

We are streaming Apple Music through our first time Naim streamer. My understanding and I may be wrong, is that it goes through the phone first before going to the streamer. If that is correct, will streaming to the stereo stop when we take the iPhone out of the home?

Yes, you will be using AirPlay to stream Apple Music and the signal is routed via the phone, so if it loses its connection to your network it will stop playing.

@ChrisSU Thanks. I have only been streaming for less than a week. I wanted to make sure it was not a network issue. We had our apartment wired for an Ethernet connect. Where the stereo is is dead for wireless WiFi so we never got into streaming until our first Naim system was installed and wired last week.

If you or family/friends use Spotify at all we have heard reports that once a phone has initiated Spotify playback on a Naim streamer, it can inadvertently do so ‘remotely’ off the local wi-fi which has lead to some unpleasant experiences for some.

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