Does NAIM 332 work with 555ps

Does any one know if 332 will work with 555ps? My local dealer says the compatibility chart only showing cables that works with 200 series but they don’t have info regarding connecting 300 series with legacy series.

Yes, AFAIK - with the appropriate Naim Lead(s)… :expressionless:

Yes it does. Here are the cables that are needed

  1. Lead Assembly, Burndy, 555PS to New Classic, Digital - 19 Way Single to 23 Way Burndy Cable
    Lead Assembly, Burndy, 555PS to New Classic, Analogue - 19 Way Single to 12 Way Burndy Cable
    Price: $599.00 €599.00 £529.00

Seems odd to me that a 555 would power a preamp as with OC it only powered sources :thinking:

The NC preamps and sources have similar power supply needs (number of rails, voltages) to the OC sources hence the ability (with the right Burndy cables) to use the XPS and 555PS with the NC kit and the NPX300 with the NDX2 and 272.

Does that suggest then that a 555PS is a better PS for the 332 than the 300PX?

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Thank you so much! Guess it’s time to get 332…

You would think so wouldn’t you?


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The price for the 555 would suggest that. As I understand you break the stand by functions, or at least the 555 does not go to stand by since it cannot. But one user has reported that the 555 on the 222 was better than the 300.
Interesting times since I have a ps 555 on my nd555 that could end up on my 332 in a not so near future.

I am confused. I thought the ND555 needed at least one PS555 to function - how can it be available for a 332?

I’m one of the 222 users using a 555DR and legacy cables. I haven’t compared it with using an NPX 300. But I will soon, once the 350’s are run in. I’m glad I gambled on adding a 555 to the 272 originally thinking this looked like the direction of travel for Naim power supplies. The flat caps and super caps looked a bit of a dead end for the multi voltage rails needed to run the control and streamer functions modern equipment need.

Regarding the NC standby function, the 222 and 350s go into standby no problem (linked by optical cables) just the 555 remains on. Not a big deal really.

I would certainly recommend a 555 as possible route if you happen to already have one or can get one at a reasonable cost. The legacy cables are circa £500 each so this could make it cheaper to go with the 300?


I just need to find another supply for the digital side of the 555. It seems that unless you go to other manufacturers you can only use a ps555, but who knows maybe the 300 can be used as an alternative. The idea is that the 555 should be better than the 300, but very few people know this. Anyway it will take quite some time until my next upgrade.

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I’ve tried both the 555ps and 300NPX although on an NDX2. My conclusion was that they were both as good as each other, but just sounded different. The 300NPX brought that new “clean” sound of the NC range. The 555ps sounded more natural. Both had the same level of detail though.

When I have mixed and matched different Naim ranges in the past, it hasn’t really worked, so I went with the 555ps. Im sure some are having success with mixing the OC and NC ranges though (they both just sound so different though)

The 555 works great with the 222 so good it’s more likely I’ll add 350s at some point and not worry about upgrading to 333/332. It’s nice that Naim allowed the analogue section of the 222 to be improved with a PS and utilizing more of the 555 than with the 272.


Is it just the analogue section that is improved by an external PSU? I thought the 222 would be fully powered by an external PSU and so the digital side ought to benefit too?

The 222 uses both outputs (2 burndies) of the 555, digital and analogue. The 272 only used the digital.

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