Does Roon work well with the Naim Core?

Just a basic question for you Roon users. Will it work seamlessly with a Uniti Core and Atom? I currently use the Core to stream locally to my Atom (as well as using Tidal, and Internet Radio) with the Naim app without any problems. Consequently, I have music files in both the Music folder and the Downloads folder on the Core. Could I continue to rip/download files as I do now, and then get all the extra metadata on top via Roon, but go back to the Naim app (sans extra metadata) if I decided to ditch Roon?

Also, I find that when I use a third party streamer like BlueNode 3, it can see the Downloads files metadata (such as it is) on the Core, and can see the files in the Music folder, but can’t get any of the associated metadata or artwork. The Core seems to treat the Music folder as proprietary in some way. I would like to be able to access the Core from different streamers, and get at all the metadata (and more). Any answers would be much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not have the uniti core, but I think you could map the uniti core drive on Roon and make Roon index and identify the files as any other network drive.

One thing I do not think you could do is stream to the uniti core as is not a Roon Ready device, when Naim adds the possibility of using the coaxial digital output of the core with Roon I will buy one right away.

The other Naim devices like the unity atom will work with Roon very well, and Naim is one of the more stable platforms with Roon.

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You cannot run Roon on the Naim Core, but you can give it access to the Core folders which it will scan and incorporate into its library along with your Tidal or Qobuz music, and any other locally stored music you may have.

Roon creates its own metadata for your music files. By default this is what you use to browse your music in Roon, but if you prefer it to access your own metadata on some of all of your files, you can set it to do so.

If you return to the Naim app Roon will not alter the metadata stored on the Core, so you will not be losing anything.

Are you storing your CD rips in WAV or FLAC? I’m guessing WAV, and I suspect this is why the Bluesound can’t see it. Bluesound doesn’t use UPnP, just a simple file sharing system, and I’m pretty sure this would not see metadata stored in the way Naim servers do it in WAV files.

Thanks ChrisSU and sonwelo for the replies. That is encouraging that you think Roon will work well with files on the Uniti Core. I do rip (and download) all files as FLAC, but the Music folder on the Core, as opposed to the Downloads folder, is not accessible from my MacBook – all I see is an unopenable folder called ‘Music’– and access to the metadata is allowed only via the Core operating system using the Naim app. This presents no problem normally; in fact I like the way the Core/Atom/app all work together. The Bluesound sees all the Download content correctly including album cover art, but can only see the files and file names in the Music folder. If I decided to get Roon and install the Roon core (confusing!) on a separate computer I would want to get the full functionality from all my devices including the BlueNode. Sounds like this should work. Thanks again.

I suggest to also check the Roon forum. There are a few threads over there about connecting a Uniti Core to a Roon Core, especially the exact format of the network share you need to enter in Roon.

The Core Music folder is locked for changes, but you should be able to get read access without any problem. On a windows pc there is no drama. I’m not sure what you do with Mac but there will be a way.

I used to have a naim core and a vortebox “nuc” running as a roon core. I had no end of problems with it, mainly they would lose connection. I was always having to reboot one or the other, I ditched them both and got an innuos and have never looked back since. Both may have been good products but they didn’t seem to work together. It’s a pity the naim core cannot run roon as i did like the form and function of it.

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