Does subwoofer require 2 rca cables?

I want to connect a sub through the sub out on my SN3. Does it need two cables / use both L&R channels if I use only one sub? I have an empty pipe in the wall so I can hide the cable to the sub but it only fits one cable.


Depends on the sub and whether it has L & R inputs. But one channel will be fine if not. The differences would be very difficult to perceive.
Rel also has a speakon connector which you would wire into the speaker outputs, but best to get the naim specific version. Expensive one from ReL or sensible money from Designacable.
I’ve tried most ways and honestly struggle to really notice a difference.
I use the speakon terminated cable from the speaker outputs of my 300DR now as it makes the most sense for me and I kind of think its the closest method for getting identical signals to all speakers from a timing perspective. Maybe :man_shrugging:

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Very much depends on sub, Ive got a kef kc62 on my sn3, and that needs both connections if using the sub out.

Thanks for the info!
The sub indeed has both L+R connections

Will a DIN plug fit through your trunking? If so, get a long DIN to RCA cable made up and connect it to the biamp output. If it’s a long cable you may need to have it ‘slugged’ with a resistor. Naim may still make such a cable, or any competent dealer or cable supplier should be able to make one.
Alternatively, consider using a high level connection if your sub allows it.

It might. Not sure actually as I don’t have a spare Din cable to try it.

Your streamer and Hicap should both have been supplied with DIN terminated cables, can’t you use one of those to see if they will fit?

I just tried and doesn’t fit since there is already quite think speakercable in the pipe.

Does the sub have a high level input? If it’s fairly close to the speakers it may be easier, and possibly cheaper, to run cables from the speaker input terminals, which can be very thin speaker cable.

They do. Could I run them from my speakers’ terminals to the sub?

Is it enough from one speaker or do I need to hook them to both

Not with a supernait3. I believe the sub out has been properly terminated so that this is not required

It is if you connect to the sub out, but I was suggesting connection to the biamp out in order to allow the use of a DIN plug which would not be slugged internally so the lead would need the resistor in it if the cable was long.

When using a Naim amp it’s best to use the high level connection from the speakers rather than the amp. There is no need for expensive cable, any thin cheap stuff will do. You just need to use an appropriate connector depending on what your speakers will take.

Depending on the sub input, it may be possible to use a single channel but I would use two if you can.

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Go from pre out L just with single one RCA. No need to be worry you will lost something from music. Use semi expensive cable, 5% of Sub price MAX. Please try.

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I’d suggest using two QED sub interconnect cables from the SN3’s dedicated sub output. They work a treat and will not cost you silly amounts.

does no need to ’ slug’ apply to the supernait 2 aswell?

Sorry. I’m not sure. Maybe @Richard.Dane can answer that.

I think where there’s a dedicated subwoofer output then there’s no need to slug the i/c.

As to the original question, for music you would always want to feed the subwoofer with a stereo signal as bass signals can vary between one channel and another. For .1 LFE information (AV) you would only connect with a mono LFE signal. Most subwoofers will have inputs for both.

You can get a short 1 to 2 phono adaptor lead for not much from Amazon

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