Does supernait3 match dynaudio contour s3.4?

Hi everyone,I have a pair of dynaudio loudspeakers, the model is contour s3.4, I am interested in supernait3, and want to replace my amplifier. Does supernait3 match contour s3.4? My current amplifier is Bladelius Thor MKII. Thank you.

Welcome to the madhouse! What a nice combination, just out of curiousity; what finish do the Dynaudio’s have?

I’m sorry that I can’t comment on the pairing with the SN3, but I’m sure others will pop in later.

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Nominal 4 ohm speaker and not overly sensitive. It will work ok but would be better matched to a 250 or even better a NAP300 in my opinion if you want to get the best from them.

Thank you.I know NAP250 OR NAP300 would be better, but the price is much higher. If I replace Bladelius Thor with supernait 3, is there any enhancement to my system?

Difficult to answer, I don’t think many people were able to compare the two … do you have a Naim dealer nearby? It would be great if you can give the SuperNait a try at your own home to see what it does to your syatem …

I suspect that would be a sideways move - better in some aspects, not as good in others.

Why do you want to replace your amp?

Hi Stefan, I ran Dyn Contour 1.4LE’s with a SN2. Though they worked OK together, adding a 250DR controlled them much more effectively. However, it was only when I changed the SN2 to a 282 that they really started to shine and show what they were capable of. So I would say that you probably won’t get the best out of them, until you use higher end electronics. If you are going to stick with the SN3, it’s probably more important to get speakers that match well with it, and are easier to drive than the S3.4s.
Just my opinion anyway.

A boddy of mine owned at combo of contour S5.4 and naim nac202/nap200/hi-cap dr and napsc, it sounded real good, so i Think a sn3 with s3.4 Will work fine.

Thanks a lot, your replies are all very useful and have reference value , I will reconsider.

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