Does the Atom HE have headphone balance?


As the subject says, does the Atom HE have balance controls for the headphone stage? I can see the app allows for the pre-amp stage to be balanced.

I normally use Roon to deliver the stream, so DSP is available to increase one side to cope with a small amount of hearing loss; my right ear is -1.6db across all frequencies.

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Yes it was a balance but it’s only via the Naim app it’s not physical. It’s fully analogue with digital control. I can’t see why it won’t work for headphones as well it does on the regular Atom.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Yip, saw those controls in the menus. No effect on either the rear balanced output or the front sockets.

Me thinks the answer maybe no…… :thinking:

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One for @Naim.Marketing maybe

That’s a good suggestion. Thank you.

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