Does the Muso 2 need running in?

Finally have my Muso 2 running Tiadal through the Naim app….but I have to say that I’m a little underwhelmed with the SQ at the moment.
I have run it for a couple of weeks (Albeit at fairly low volumes) and moved it around and now have the front of the muso at the front of the desk it sits on. It’s 30 cms from a rear wall.
I really can’t believe that Naim would be happy with this sound quality and many of the Naim fans who have given such superb reviews so it must be either my set up or needs a longer time to run in.
Any views?

Here we go.

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Can I check whether you’re still listening via AirPlay/Bluetooth, or are you now streaming natively? Makes a big difference to sound quality.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Mu-So is a speaker, so is just as dependent upon where it’s situated as any other. Naim have an adjustment to compensate for placement either close to a wall or further away (I assume you’ve tried that). However, sometimes you’ll place it in a room thinking all should be well and it just sounds not so great. I had this happen with a Gen 1 Mu-So the other day. I then tried it in the room next door and it was fantastic - a big and expansive sound where before it had sounded like the music was stuck inside the box. Trying it is a different part of the first room saw a similar improvement. So I guess where I had it initially was just not allowing it to perform at its best. So I’d recommend trying it in a different position in the room and seeing how that goes.


I found things tightened up nicely by placing on some audioserenity gel caps. They were just a few pounds, wether it improved isolation or just raising by a few millimetres? But well worth a try.

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Streaming from the naim app….

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So would they be the hemispherical caps? 20 mm?

They come in various sizes according to weight and size……i use 4 of these under my QB2, they are about 1 cm or so in diameter.

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Perfect…thank you….will get some!

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i found that my muso2 was much better sited at ear-level - as with the tweeters on any std speaker. its best to ignore the lifestyle marketing photos !(@Naim.Marketing - why do naim do this?)
i have also sited it in the opening between 2 rooms so effectively in free space.
it did seem to improve over the first few weeks but that may well be me getting used to the sound - i am generally agnostic about burning in/running in - tending to believe we never hear the same piece of music in exactly the same way on different occasions

Can you show me a particular photo(s) you object to? I feel we use a range of representative placements for the Mu-so range in our lifestyle photography.

some time ago and i don’t keep notes on every marketing photo i see - but i seem to remember muso2 at coffee-table height. i will do a bit of research and get back to you

hi clare
sorry can’t find the photo i remember - blue fabric? - but here are a couple of photos along similar lines - tho these are used as soundbar

Yes, these are Mu-so being used as a soundbar under a TV, with routed cabling. Very neat :slight_smile:

And obviously it’s a touch forced the Mu-so Qb being in foreground to illustrate multi-room potential, but we do know of several open-plan installs where multiple Mu-so are being used in the same space for a room-filling effect.

I don’t see an issue with these pictures at all. Are they 100% optimal for sound? Maybe not, but in a lifestyle listening situation (as opposed to dedicated listening space), there will be trade offs between convenience and ultimate quality.

20 cm below ear level! The things you need to spend time on … my sympathies :slight_smile:

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