Domestic disasters - any examples you are willing to share?

I came down this morning to find that my demijohn of Slider had exploded. what a mess … postponed my morning walk by 30 minutes, but the kitchen still reeks of Slider. Slider is a concoction from Devon where spent Sloes are topped up with cider in a suitable container.

Spilt slider does clean up flag stones remarkably well. My last batch went thru’ the system like a Ferrari, so I won’t miss this batch.


Prince Pumpkin fell into the toilet this morning and then decided to run around the house all wet until he was apprehended and given a wash, which delayed me by about 30 minutes as well :relaxed:


Refurbished a room with a Junkers wood floor and having removed the rad’s, I didn’t cap the end feeds, just turned these ‘tight’, missing that this left them in a ‘frost protection’ position.

Overnight temperature drop caused weeping and the wood floor started yawing from water absorption, the plastic under-membrane causing a pool of moisture to form under ~40% of the flooring, which sucked it up like blotting paper.

Stupid, truly stupid.


When my sourdough starter grew more than expected in the fridge.
I cleaned the aftermath before thinking to take a picture, this is what was left.


Many years ago moved into a house with an L-shaped bathroom. Bought a lovely piece of deep pile carpet that matched the decor perfectly.
Turned the carpet over, measured twice to get it right, then cut to size.

When I turned it over right side up, the L-shape was on the opposite side.
Had to throw it away and start again. Idiot !


Pumpkin is the name of your youngest son, your majesty?

Prince Pumpkin is my cat :cat2: I refer to all of them as Prince/Princess because they all expect to be treated like royalty (I have assumed the position of being their personal butler who tends to all of their needs) :relaxed:

Domestic disasters - yep…

About 3 months ago. A 5 quid rubber connector in the drain pipe from the washing machine upstairs gave up. That drain pipe runs between the floor and ceiling. A large amount of water accumulated on the ceiling before it finally cracked with a local shower in the kitchen…

The pics don’t show half of the mess. Nor from the mess that followed during repair, plastering etc. :woozy_face:


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