Don't seem to pick up art work from computer

Hi. I have just bought a Naim Mu So and have attempted to listen to some CD’s that I have imported on to my iMac via Apple Music. I loaded Asset UPnP on my computer to allow me to play them using the Naim app on my iPad. The audio files are all present and work but instead of any artwork it just shows an image of a file folder in the top right. hand corner. When I click on the reading icon it shows the art work, reviews etc.
Iv’e tried to upload an image but not too sure this has worked.

Is this correct, or should there be an image of the album where the folder is shown.

Do you see the artwork when you play the file on your iMac?

I think you’ll find this is an Apple or iTunes problem, they don’t embed album art, it’s somehow attached or linked separately.
I’m not that familiar other than had a few instances with apple music that I edited into another format & grab some www art, I now just avoid Apple sourced music & their format/codec.

I suspect your right.

In that case @YNWARD you can either manually add the artwork by using an app such as MP3tag (available in AppStore), or you could try calling the artwork cover.jpg or Folder.jpg and put it in the same folder as the Album files are stored in.

Noting the following relates to UnitiCore and the Naim app, so may not all be applicable to other upnp servers:

These days it seems that cover.jpg does not always work, but folder.jpg does. However the image file has to be no larger than about 1000x1000 pixels and that generally means that you have to resize an image file to make it smaller. For example if you buy a download with the image file separately, these are typically 1400x1400 or 3000x3000.

I’ve not seen that with Asset UPnP David, noting the OP uses Asset.
Asset has an art size limit rescaler to 2000x2000 to improve loading speed.

As you have a Mac, I tend to just drag the artwork from Amazon, then rename it - seems to work for me.

Ah ok. I’m thinking of UnitiCore, but I didn’t know whether the limitation was the Core or the App. Now I do know! I have edited my earlier post.

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. I will have a look at the options suggested.

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GadgetMan, thanks. I am not very good on these things. Would you mind describing in a little bit more detail your suggestion. Am I dragging the artwork from Amazon onto the Naim app, or onto the Mac?

In case he is busy and can’t answer now, he means drag and drop the artwork from Amazon (in Safari or another browser) and drop it into the folder on the Mac where the music files for that album are.

And name or rename the .jpg as folder.jpg


Davidhendon - thanks, Ill try that

Hi, I tried Amazon and after a few messed attempts :smile: : it worked. However, I also found I could actually copy the artwork from apple music by going to ‘Get Info’ then clicking on the artwork tab. It was then a simple task to drag the artwork over to the music folder (and rename it ‘folder.jpg’. I did it a few times and it worked. I cannot claim credit for finding that, as it was on Google.

Thanks everyone for helping me.

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There’s a program for ripping CDs called dBpoweramp which should embed album art automatically. It’s by the same folk who make Asset UPnP. It offers a free trial for 21 days, so you might want to try taking out a trial and re-ripping some of your albums using dBpoweramp. Many folk on here use it.


I agree with PeakMan, and then some.
Illustrate, the Asset & dBpoweramp parent co. have the complete suite of packages for home computer CD ripping & media server software.m Asset, dBpoweramp, Perfecttunes & the subsets of these is all you need, plus rip CD’s to FLAC.


Thanks very much. I will have a look at that.

Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier, been away. Glad you got it working.

dBpoweramp is something a lot of people on this Forum use to rip CD’s. Very good product, and I think its free for a fully functional trial period.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to provide me with some really useful information. I will download the additional Illustrate packages.