Dowload issue

I downloaded two albums yesterday.
They are seen on Naim Desktop Client.
But not on Unitiserve app. Or Naim app.
I ripped an album today and it went fine.
So what is the problem?

It’s not unusual for there to be a delay before additions show up in the Naim app and/or N-Serve. A rescan in the DTC might sort it. Then, if necessary, refresh the cache in N-Serve, and both the image cache and UPnP cache in the Naim app, and it might jolt it into action.

Usually my downloads shows up very fast.
I refreshed the catche in N-serve several times.
Now its 24 hours ago and nothing happen.
Ripping CDs still work.

My own experience of downloads on Unitiserve was like Chris’s and I have seen some people on the forum report that it sometimes takes weeks to for the US to recognise a download. The rescan using the DTC is the best way to hurry it up in my experience.

This was one of the main reasons I abandoned my US and bought a UnitiCore.


Ive got the Naim Desktop Client on my pc.
Where can i rescan there?
Never had issues like this with US before.

restart your unitserve, it should work. Sometimes it happens. For me, with bandcamp downloads, they don’t appear on new albums. But appear on all albums folder.

This used to happen to me quite a bit, but not any more. They generally appear straight away.

Thank u.
I restarted the US and it showed up.
Never happend before!

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It’s basically down to forcing a re-scan of ‘shares’
Is your UnitiServe and SSD or HD version?

The shares will either be on the internal drive or on a NAS. It’s a question of going into a ‘maintenance’ section (using a web-browser interface) and finding shares. Then clicking on the folder and pressing a button on the right ‘rescan’.

Ok. Thanks Adam.
Dont use a NAS.
Its a SSD.
Had it for three years and served me well really.
At least i learned something new now.

Yes - using a web interface in a maintenance mode is a good way of handling the UnitiServe.

If you don’t have a NAS, then it must have an internal drive.
SSD versions don’t have any internal drives for music storage and require a NAS.

Ah ya.
Its a 2tb unitiserve. HD.

what is your streamer ? amps? just curious…

252 300 with latest updates.
Speakers are Kudos 707

did you try the cisco 2960 switch ?

Ya. Ive read about it, but not tried yet.
Been very busy with other things lately.

@Ya. I have heard its really good.
But simply dont understand that a simple box like this can influence the SQ…

i was sceptikal too…for 50 euros, you have nothing to loose, and you can return it.

Okay, thx.
Will check it later.

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