I’ve spent the last few months looking at my active system and wincing slightly at so many separate power supplies:

  • Supercap for NAC52
  • Supercap for SNAXO
  • XPS for nDAC
  • 2 250 power amps.

I’ve simplified it by selling the Supercap, XPS-2, SNAXO and one of the 250s.

I’m back to a passive system and feel a little more comfortable with my contribution to the use of power.

Listened to it a bit today and maybe it’s missing something. Playing vinyl for the first time in a while distracted me from this though. I can certainly live with this system without feeling ‘hard done by’.


I’ve had a SNAXO 242 on order for around 6 months but no sign of it yet.

In view of many factors I’m starting to wonder if I’d compromise a bit on SQ rather than staying with active SBLs (chrome bumper NAXO, olive NAP250 x 2), and whether or not staying active is logical in the long run.

Will have to wait and see but as I get older I may be willing to compromise a bit more for simplicity, or at least consider other combinations such as passive speakers with 300DR or better.

It would be difficult for me to return to a passive system. Active Naim can be addictive but I have never heard 500 level components!

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At least you’re safe in the knowledge that the SuperCap2 and XPS2 went to a good home :wink: :+1:t2:

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I managed to borrow SNAXO and an extra 250.2, I already had one 250.2. I was very keen on driving the SBL:s active. My dealer told me my current setup was preferable (running passive with 135’s) but I was sure I knew better!

The dealer was right.

A few years back I had a similar experience with active ATC SCM19A. I preferred the passive SCM19 Mk2 with a 300DR over the active floorstander version.

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At this level, downgrading is no shame. And the reduced overhead (reduced complexity) is no small joy/legacy benefit.

My family have largely abandoned the main system, turning the volume off, and listening to their phones instead. Phones are that good, I reckon!

Network issues with the NDX crashing daily and Spotify dropouts have been a factor. Time to troubleshoot is precious, unfortunately.



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