Downgrading from 6 boxes to 4, loose money and a big decrease of the sound ( from 552/300 to SN3/hicap) is not a good idea for me.
Bare Ndx2 / SN3 or Nova . Or even better : Linn KDSM into ATC 40 active.


I did exactly the same moved from a 4 box system with a Musical Fidelity twin monobloc amp, M F Cd transport, Chord Dac, DAB tuner to a Naim Star. Plus all the interconnects etc.
Never regretted it for a moment.


Yes. I agree the Muso-2 is serious downgrading. See here


I certainly concur with the advice on keeping your speakers. They are probably the one area where you will gain little space and certainly loose out musically.

After that A Naim all-in-one is probably the best choice, the star, with the ability to play CDs may suit best.

It might also be worth looking at an Auralic Altair as the latest firmware allows CD playback with an attached CD rom drive. As it rips into memory to play you’re not a much at mercy of the mech etc. I have the Aries and this new Cd replay functionality is sounding mighty fine, at least equal to the CD555 I used own.

Keep the speakers though!


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I would also suggest what French Rooster said with the ATC 40A, but with a dCS Rossini player/DAC all in one unit with a passive preamp. Now that would certainly not be a downgrade sound wise.

Or perhaps the Dutch&Dutch 8C or Kii Three. But then you would miss your CD playback feature.


The SL2s are going to be hard to replace without their replacements taking up more room. They do have requirements for a solid wall to back onto and might not suit a suspended floor as well as something more solid. Get the move over with first, see how the current system works in the new place and take it from there, it will make sense to try alternative speakers in the new place anyway and a single Fraim stack takes up the same floor space whether 6 or 2 shelves high. A streamer based system seems to be where you’re heading and the current Naim lineup will work well with Chromcast as well as having native Tidal and Qobuz support. Of these the ND555 would be an upgrade, and a tad expensive, and just replace the CD555. Below that the NDX2 can also use the 555ps and and not require a change in amplification.
Below that you’re selling the 552/300 but a Nova, Star or Atom will keep the functionality and sit on a single shelf, possibly of normal domestic furniture and still cope with the SL2s.
If the SL2s aren’t working in the new place there are a few standmounts that will fit in discreetly near the boundaries. Proac and Neat come to mind plus Audionote K or maybe J if corner placement is an option but a lot of options will take up more space. I setup a second system a while ago and Totem Dreamcatchers used as much space as a Allaes once positioned.
The amp requirement can be considered once you know what you’re driving, an Atom might be enough, A Star would solve the CD requirement without need for another box otherwise some options have already been mentioned.
Then there is the world beyond Naim, everyone seems to be combining a DAC or even streamer with an integrated amp these days.

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This is not as uncommon as you may think :thinking:. I have quite a compressed area where my audio system could go , knackered knees for kneeling down to move things . My speakers dominated the room and were too heavy to move

I thought five boxes was too much for amplification, they needed servicing and would have been a nightmare to reinstall

I had Rega 3, CDX 2, 200/202 HiCap, Stageline NAPSC, PMC FB 1, and Magnum Dynalab

Now have Clearaudio Emotion, CDX2, Naim NAT 03, Rega Aethos, Pro Ject Ds2 tube phono stage and new distribution block. The speakers are Harbeth P3Esr, small but need oodles of power. Lovely delicate sound and really good for acoustic and voices. They were a mistake in that they were the first to be replaced , when I auditioned a SN3 they weren’t a happy marriage .

Today I would have perhaps gone for Amphions , Pro Acs or Neats and stayed with a Supernait

In the AV system , I added a UnitiQute to act as DAC

So box count reduced by 3, speakers reduced in mass by 90% and very happy with sound.

In your case You haven’t mentioned budget but I would be inclined for a Nova , a quality CD transport and a pair of Dynaudio.

Your dealer may be horrified but you are downsizing more than your system and it is important to get the balance right.

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Another vote for the Star. Unlike others, I think the difference between it and the Nova is minimal. It gives you CD replay and a Chromecast built-in. It is slightly less powerful, so with some specific speakers the Nova would be better, but with most it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Regarding speakers, are you looking for bookshelf or floorstanders? Any budget constraints?

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A couple of very different options to consider, depending on whether you want to keep either the CDS3 or the SL2s.

  1. Change the amp to something like a Sim Audio Moon 700i or Vitus SIA-25, while keeping the CDS3 and SL2s. Saves 3 boxes and may even completely pay for itself with the value of your amplifier

  2. Sell the CDS3, NAP300 and SL2s, while keeping the lovely 552. Buy an NDX2 (possibly keep the CDS3 power supply and re-use for the NDX2), a music server such as an Innuos Zenith III or a Melco unit (which rips, stores and serves up your cd music + Tidal, Qobuz music streaming services) and some active ATC speakers (ATC40A, perhaps?)

Two very different options, depending on what you want to keep or lose.

Hope this helps, BF

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Dare I say it, if I were to look at a new system from ground up I’d seriously explore some active speakers that run Tidal or such. I have some KEF LSX in my office and am blown away by the no box solution and I’m sure some of the betters ones would be fantastic.

Nova, Nova, Nova - I went from a full active olive Naim system to a Muso, Atom, Nova never looked back.

Couple it with the Innous it can rip all your cd collection, can act as your Roon Core, makes streaming even easier.


oh keep the sl2 and nap300 with the Nova, but if you want to lower the box count lose the nap300, someone can maybe advise if the Nova can drive the sl2.

Reason I say this is if your happy with the sl2 leave them in situ, sell the rest, maybe even get two Novas and use Roon or just the Naim app for multi room.

Even look to an Atom or the Muso 2 as add ons.

Seemless, understated out of sight, home friendly music around the house.


Hi reheggie.

hungryhalibut covers the speakers well but some other thoughts on kit…

Are you planning to keep the Fraim? How about an extra level and a one box Naim streamer chosen to your budget? There are plenty of pre-owned around so you don’t have to spend a fortune Fraim footprint is the same regardless of height (of course).

If you want to stay with 6 levels you could drop from a 300 to 250 DR and use the spare shelf for the streamer.

You might find all your 200 CD’s are available from a streaming service so if you later move away from physical Cd’s completely you then have the option of trading your Naim streamer and CD555 head for a ND555 keeping your 555 PSU.

Life changes, dropping good kit and SQ too far now might mean you listen to even less music or be expensive if you find you have more time for music in a few years.

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I see two issues here. The first is that you seem to be spending less time on serious listening. It might be worth thinking through why this is. Making a major and possible expensive change to your system should enhance your life and perhaps you do need to make sure it will do this first.

The second issue is how to downsize your system. There are many ways of achieving this, several suggested above. I recently downsized from a system much lower down the Naim hierarchy (272/XPS/250DR) to one box into active speakers (ATC SCM40A) and actually improved SQ. The speakers are wonderful, but they are not that much smaller than your SL2s and work best some way from walls so I am not sure whether they would satisfy your downsizing requirements. I suspect a Nova might be a compromise too far. Within the Naim family NDX2/SN3 reduces your box count to two and may be all you need into high quality standmounts or small floorstanders. And as others have said, there are other manufacturers. A Linn setup (one box + active speakers) might just tick all your boxes and the space optimisation could help with your new room.

Finally, I think it would be worth finding a dealer who is sympathetic to your requirements and doesn’t think you’re mad. And I’d recommend a Qobuz subscription once you have a box you can use it with.



Many thanks for taking time to reply. Some very wise thoughts and have so much to ponder. This forum has provided many possible options.


Sorry for echoing nearly everyone her, but, depending on budget, a Nova and a set of decent speakers. I’m driving Magico A3s with my Nova without issues. Yes, they’ll sound/perform better with more power, but this is in a small-ish apt. All sorts of other speakers would be suitable.

Alternatives to the Nova are Hegel integrated models and Devialet. Connect a drive with music to them and that’s all you really need. If you want to go further, you can add a roon server -doesn’t have to be in the same room. Mine’s in the kitchen cupboard with the gas and electricity meters)


Maybe not all, neither Tidal nor Qobuz have the first Camel LP for instance. An album I’d not heard since 1980, I had to buy the CD if I wanted to wallow in that particular piece of nostalgia. As I now have the streamer I’ve been revisiting some old acquaintances and checking out some that I’ve missed over the years but I keep finding holes in the catalogues. Keeping some way of ripping or playing a disc is a good move.

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I have a Nova, Zen Mini and Allae speakers, couldn’t be happier.



If your Naim equipment hasn’t been serviced in 17 years, then it will be well, well passed its service date and no longer performing anywhere near its best. This alone might explain why you don’t listen to music quite so much.

I can only recommend having Naim or Class A (if you are UK based) giving your Naim boxes a service to bring them back up to full performance before you decide to sell any off.

With the best intentions, BF


Whilst I agree that the equipment needs a service, unless there is a chance that Rheggie will keep it I wouldn’t bother getting it serviced since I very much doubt you’ll make the money back via a higher sales price.