System Pics 2019

I really like the ovation sound but I just can’t seem to get used to bowl back design…

Anyway, I’m off to start a guitar thread.

Well they aren’t originals, knock offs bought on line we have another downstairs. :wink:

You can buy a brand new Eames chair here in the States from Herman Miller, and it’s the real thing. I wanted one for my loft space, but didn’t find it all that comfortable to lounge in. So I bought a Stressless brand chair.


You can here as well but the prices are over the top, and you’re right they’re not that comfortable

+1 on the Stressless chairs

Downsized and happy …


That looks very classy, I’m thinking of ditching my surround sound and doing the same. :+1:

Thanks Pete, it was not easy giving up the Benchmark DAC and Dynaudio speakers but other than the flaky Naim Android app I’m very pleased so far with the Muso 2.

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I only use the Apple app and don’t have any problems.

Very elegant, nicely done.

I’m loving that cabinet, where did you get that if you don’t mind me asking?

Fellow MuSo owner, they’re incredibly capable for their size!

Hello SpyderTracks,

That media center is by BDI; the model is the Corridor #8173. My wife said it was worth the price after not hearing one cuss word out of me while wiring the components.

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Very nice indeed, nice design and finish, ticks all the boxes.

Greetings from Malibu, CA :grinning:
My system before November 9, 2018:

and after the Woolsey Fire:

A long road to “perfection” in front of me…


Cd5xs / naim dac. Supernait
Audiovector sr1 avantgarde arreté.
I want to upgrade supernait, perhaps with hicap dr. Or wait and listen to the new xs3 and connect my flatcap xs.


Great looking set up and room, welcome. :+1:

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Thank you Pete :+1:

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Hi @mike33, very nice, simple and elegant. Is that a Samsung Frame TV on the wall?

Is the Linn espek a good partner to naim Electronics ?

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Is that second shot what survived the fire?

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