Download vs Rip - legal differences


Is that the 2004 Sanctuary Records version?



It might be, they sent me a wrapper to send back, it was a digipack. Now posted. It looked odd with no sort of lead in or exit edge on the cd? I googled and they made a so called mistake with the original release. The Uniti core refused to rip and needed a lot of coaxing to eject.



The centre of the cd was a dark blue with moor not much writing at all?



I’ve got the 2004 Epstein Records/ Sanctuary Records version in a jewel case. The centre of the CD is clear. I see AMZ are showing a 2017 release from Confetti Records.



I have some recollection of reading an article regarding digital libraries in which it implied that downloading was a licence agreement and that on the death of the user there was no passing on of that licence to the benificiaries; i.e. my son will get all my Cds and Vinyl but that my downloads are not legally transferrable.

so all our family musical history will now be lost in the future … just like much of our picture history (in 50 years time do you really think they will still be supporting jpeg?).



I don’t know about you Allan, but I’m really not losing much sleep over this whole topic - I was just curious! Honestly, people really do seem to be agonising unnecessarily. Wholesale piracy - needs to be stamped on. Buying, ripping, selling/giving on from a private music collection? Who does anyone think is going to waste time and very scarce resources detecting and prosecuting a ‘crime’ that no one cares about? If it’s not captured on CCTVtodays law enforcers haven’t got a clue where to even start.

Specify your UnitiCore/Serve/WD Passport in your will and forget about it - that’s if your kids share your taste in music!



They probably don’t, and even if they do, they’ll ditch it and carry on using Spotify.



True - they’ll only be interested in the vinyl for showing off to their friends or hanging the artwork on the wall.


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