DR and older Naim speakers

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Curious if anyone using DR amps or power supplies with the likes of SBL or allae? Do you find the drier, tidier presentation is satisfying? I ask as I’ve been told it can unbalance the system and make thing sound bass shy. Thanks

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Over the last few years I have upgraded from CB PSUs and 250 and moved over to DR completely but keeping my SBLs. I have never heard the kit play music in a more involving way than it does now. I also use HD800s/headline/hicap dr. Other classic items include a NAT 02 for Radio 3 listening which to me drops you straight into the concert hall - when it is well balanced with the minimum of audio or data processing.


I am using an Hicap DR with a Nac 72 / Nap 140 into SBL’s currently. I like with or without Hicap DR equally. I simply have not made up my mind yet. Both good!

The DR brings all the virtues of DR to the older stuff, but it keeps the music involving.

I do not agree that DR would make SBL’s ‘bass shy’. Bass tighter? Yes. Less bass? No.

I found it didn’t add bass, but more detail was highlighted which can make it sound like less bass as the other parts of the music get a little boost.
But you would need to try it yourself as I liked the extra detail, you may not as it depends alot on the music quality and type of music you listen too

Quite the opposite, the DR adds benefit to the Allae’s (not tried DR kit using SBL’s) and the Allae’s just keep giving, great speakers and used them with 272/555DR/250DR

I have since purchased a pair of SL2s same results the DR with Allae’s or SL2 is a no brainer.

I have 552 DR, 300 DR, CDS3/XPS DR, SL full loom and Power Lines all into SBL’s and the sound to my ears is incredible. Almost everything I play including bad recordings are beautiful to listen to. Its addictive. I can’t stop listening. I have just been away for 10 days in Europe and I missed listening. Forget HiFi, its just about the music, the presentation is wonderful.

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A bit less of the ‘older’ on the Allaes if it’s all the same :wink::joy:

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I’m always careful when typing about the Allae’s especially with your watchful eye Chris :wink:

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I have had all my kit DR’d over the years 500, 552, and 555PS and it has taken my trusty old NBLs to a whole new level not heard previously, they have never sounded so good, I am sure that Powerlines and Super Lumina have contributed to this too, so do not hesitate to use older Naim speakers with the DR range.

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Ok, thanks. Will definitely check the DR with my current system soon. Cheers for the feedback guys.

Gradually DR’d my active system with SBL and then SL2 speakers in stages and every time the system just gets better. Nothing unbalanced to my ears

Ditto the odd powerline and SL interconnect etc.


I have a 300DR and a DR power supply for the 272, SL cabling and PowerLines and my SL2s sound absolutely wonderful. So yes, the classic Naim speakers and DR technology work very well together.

NDS + 555PS DR, 552DR and 300DR with full loom super Lumia into SL2 --> big step up to before DR and I really like it.

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The DR is better, but the OP is right that system-matching of presentation may move toward more detail and less bass weight, due to reduction in distortion harmonics that filled-out the sound previously and for which the old system was balanced or voiced for.

My suggestion is that you use the SL speaker cables with the DR Amps as they complement the welcome reduction in distortion and tighter more detailed presentation from DR upgrade with a fuller more immersive sound. I found the SL speaker cables were a relief in my system - my reaction was ‘at last’ as everything just flowed right, importantly improving music timing especially in deep-bass, without any sense of strain or forced-effect and gave a big easy immersive sound - with a lot more bass.

So … (DR = less bad bass) + (SL-Speaker cable = more good bass) => Combo = overall better.

My take. Always consider system balance when making an upgrade from a system you are presently happy with.


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I had already swapped my SL2s for Shahinian Diapasons when I DRd my system, but FWIW my impression was that the bass was tighter, faster and better controlled, but also deeper and more powerful…

That is exactly what I find. The level of the fundamental note is less distorted - it retains its integrity and is not dissipated in its power into added coloration which then blur timing. You get more of what was originally there and less added blooming of the sound.
It can at first sound a bit over-lean and can also mean you have to check your system set-up as you have more deep bass power which can cause problems.


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