DR and Recapping

Can somebody help me out, heard from a buddy that Naim Audio is no longer doing DR Upgrades and Recaps, this might be North America only but sounds really messed up if it is true.

Sorry….it is true, though normal servicing of caps continues.


Naim announced a few months ago that they weren’t going to do DR upgrades any more. It’s slightly unclear if that is never or not for the next year or so.

But they do still do servicing including capacitor replacements.

I recently got an Olive Supercap and NAP250 recapped in Montreal with excellent service by the Naim team!!

I would suggest contacting Naim Focal NA in Montreal directly.

DR upgrades are getting difficult and are not widely available due to Naim UK prioritizing current production.

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AFAIK, Naim UK has stopped doing DR upgrades.

Unclear if permanent or not. But seems so… :thinking:

And as they provide the upgrade parts, the rest of the world, too.

I’m in the US and you can get pretty much anything repaired by Naim North America (Montreal). But they can’t get DR parts any more.

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Reminds me I’m just about due for a recap.

When this was announced, I think the nuance was that it depended on remaining stocks of DR kits for each amp. While Naim have none, it is possible (I suppose), that an authorized service centre has one or two left. However, the announcement was some time ago so I suspect that scenario is very unlikely now.

Naim have been experiencing serious issues with parts supply, hence why the decision was taken to suspend DR upgrades in order to ensure that production was not being adversely affected even further by the upgrade program. Last I heard was that if the supply situation improves then the moratorium may be lifted sometime next year, but whether that’s just for units that have previously been booked in for DR work but haven’t been able to be done, I don’t know for sure.

Regular service work involving re-capping etc… is unaffected and continues as normal.


Thanks all who commented, my HiCap has been on hold for way to long, so i figured i would get a second opinion from the real experts. Thanks Tony :canada::uk:

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