DR Burn in 500

Having recently acquired a 500DR, I am now looking at DRing the other one this summer unless another 500 crosses my path
Regarding the burn in, I know there’s a certain Bear that wanders these parts and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject

So I’m thinking on the following lines:

  1. Is the burn in just dependant on the amp being powered, so I will just have to wait it out
  2. Does use of the amp affect the burn in period, ie can I hook up an iPod and leave it playing 24/7 at very low volume
  3. Is the burn in period influenced by how the amp is used ie a proper listening from the TT with the wick turned up

Obviously items 2 & 3 can be combined and seems like the best option

Also regarding this, any ideas of the time frame I’m looking at

The new amp was serviced and DRed late 2016, so I’ve got the best of all worlds with that one


Some people find playing a lot of music helps - I think it does but IMO there are two separate components of Burn-in: One that goes quickly the more you use it and one that just needs time.

For the NAP500 DR assuming you had a service as well then it is a rough-ride for about 3 weeks then onto steady good performance and gradually improving over several months with more effortless transparent detail rendering.

Practically I just presume two or three weeks it will not be right - then after a month it should be fine and if it is not by then something is wrong.


Hi Lyndon

I would like a private conversation please - can you email me on trevorcrease at outlook dot com.


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