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Hello again,
I have been tricked into the money regarding a purchase of a NAC282 from Germany. Therefore, sits with an NDS / 555PS and NAC202 / NAP200DR as well as a Hicap DR and empty wallet.
Now my question:
Is it idea to sell my NAP200DR (I have a buyer) and for the same money buy a NAP250.2 since I already have a Hicap DR for my 202?
Grateful for help :).

Your source and pre are already very good. A 250.2 is probably going to be needing a service before long. My experience is that you’d be better putting the funds towards a 250DR.

You haven’t said what speakers you have - a 300DR would be another option if you aim to progress further up the Naim line later - your source is good enough to make this worthwhile.

EDIT: I took your post to say that you have bought a 282 - my advice assumes this

No, I would keep the 202 until you can afford a 282. Only then, consider a 250.

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I have paid for one but no unit delivered :(.

If funds are tight, I would even consider selling the Hicap in order to help fund a 282 if that’s what it takes. Sure, it’s a backwards step, and you will need to buy another one if you get a 250, but the 200DR still does a decent job of powering a 282.

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I thank you for the wise words. Have actually thought the same thought.

You posted this 19 days ago. Either you have been very busy on the trading front or something funny is going on!

Maybe you need to just enjoy what you currently have and avoid spending (or losing) money?

Wise words, please.
I have been interchangeable but had the goal to start from the signal source and move on to preamps etc.
I felt Biamping didn’t give me anything, so the choice was to sell my SN3 or NAP200 DR. The choice was SN3 in order to be able to continue with separate units. That way I could buy a 555PS for my NDS.
Now I bought a 282 in Germany that I was cheated on. So there I am now :(.

I am sorry to hear about your purchase issues. Distance buying is a matter of trust or, as I do, travel. Did you buy through a site or through a personal advert? I am wondering if you can get some assistance with chasing down the seller.
I had a lucky escape with a 300DR that was being sold from a remote valley in Italy. It might have been genuine and the deal of the century, or a scam listing a location that a buyer would struggle to reach. I backed out, too nervous to find out!

Thanks for your concern,
I bought on the site “Audio Markt”, where I previously bought without problems. The ad is out yet, can I post a picture here to warn others?
// Mats

No one has answered your question. The “DR” in the Hicap DR – this powers the pre-amp. By owning a Hicap DR you own a Hicap that benefits from the DR circuitry. Your Hicap does not supply power to a power amp; the DR circuit in your Hicap is not relevant to any power amp.

I dont know if you’ll prefer a 200DR vs. a 250.2 But I do know that the “DR” of your Hicap makes no difference! (It’s not like we count the DR’s!)

Hi Lovstad,
Very sorry to learn that you have been defrauded over the purchase of a NAC282.

Now, to your question. The 202/hicap/250 has a reputation for being an unsatisfying musical match, mainly because the 250 shows up the limitations of the 202. I have heard this combination myself and it was not a happy pairing.

I would expect the 282/200DR or 282/hicap/200DR to give you much more musical satisfaction.

I am also not a great fan of the 250.2, having auditioned one and found a pair of the older NAP135s to be very much more musically satisfying. The NAP250DR is a much more capable amp than the 250.2.

Hence, the only circumstance in which the 250.2 might make sense for you is if you already have a 282 and you want a low cost route to a 250DR.

Hope this helps, BF

Don’t know if I understood you right. Here’s how I think;
My Nap with DR can be connected directly to 202 and then they power the digital circuitry in my 202. What then does Hicap benefit? Don’t do the same thing?

The dual rail power supply in the Hicap is (subjectively) superior to the single rail supply in the NAP200.

Thanks for your advice BF. They are crucial.
Do I think I decided to keep Nap200DR and my Nac202. Still unsure if I should try to sell my Hicap DR to get new money for a 282?

It’s an unfortunate situation that you have been put in.

The correct sequence is to go for the 282 first. A 202/250 is not a recommended combination. I would be patient and wait for the right 282 to come up. I would also keep the Hicap, this will allow the 282 to perform at near best (only a Supercap will improve).

A 282/HicapDR/200 will be an excellent combination, especially given your source. I had this for some time albeit with a lesser source at the time.

When the time is right go for a 250 DR (or NAP 300) if you feel the need to go further.

Thanks for the reply, feels like the right path. I had just bought a 282 and Hicap DR but, as I said, only got one Hicap. I plug it into my 202 and save a little longer for a 282.

Maybe hi level for me, single/dual rail? Do you mean 2 way? Forward and back?

I would personally prefer the sound of a 282/200DR over a 202/HicapDR/200DR, so it is really a question of how long you would wait to either buy another HicapDR if you went for a 282 first, or keep your HicapDR and save for a 282.

Good luck! BF

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