DR Serial Number NAP 250 - when did the DR upgrade start


Looking at buying a second hand 250 which will be a big jump from the 200.

I have found one that seems to be around 2015 but I don’t know how to tell if it is a DR version. Can someone help guide me?



It will say DR on the back panel. See below:



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AND the one advertised as DR does not have DR on the back…

If it had been DR upgraded by the factory, they put the same sticker on the back as the production ones.


Thanks super helpful. Then this one is deffo not DR. saved me some painful process thanks.


This one has a different DR logo… IS this real?



What about this one? It is to the right of the main info box.

Perhaps others can help here but that serial number on the Naim website indicates a 1982 build, which may have been DRed in 2015, best check with Naim.

That’s not correct. In 1982 it was chrome bumper. 392 is 2015. The DR sticker means it’s a factory upgrade and looks totally ok.

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If it were upgraded to DR it would have the DR sticker as Richard suggests. When my 2005 HICap was DR’d it came back with the sticker. All the devices that were purchased with DR, at new, have the DR indicator printed on the back.

Its a good upgrade - the sticker alone is not sufficient :grin:

To be sure, ask the seller for the full serial number, call Naim, and they will be able to tell you if it has had the DR upgrade, and any other service history carried out by them.

If in doubt you can check with Naim but this isn’t foolproof!

I bought an XPS DR from a dealer and asked Naim when it had been DR’d and serviced as I wanted to diarise for a service in future.

I was informed by Naim that the unit hadn’t been DR’d and to proceed with caution.

Naim helpfully took me though opening up the XPS and I sent some photos to them and they were able to confirm that the upgrade was good and proper.

It transpired that the upgrade was done in Italy. It’s unfortunate that Naim don’t maintain a central record of upgrades and services that are done by their approved agents. It would have saved some stress!

Makes a bit of a mockery of their serial number website, confused or am i missing something. So it gets a new serial number when DRed?

Was probably given a DR upgrade - hence the DR sticker. Check the serial number with Naim to be sure.

Were you looking at the Naim site and viewing it as an 03XXXX number vs a 3XXXXX number? That can cause confusion. But no, the ser. no. stays the same. (I had my XPS2 and HiCap DR’ed a number of years ago.)

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392xxx is 2015. Numbers are never changed.

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These stickers should have great value then on the second hand market or even make copies of them. Is it possible to contact Naim with the serial nr and ask for when service and DR was made just to verify it is not a fraud?

Please read the above posts

Yes. Just phone or email Naim with the serial number.

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