Drive for NAS

Looking for advice on NAS drive
I can get hold of a Synology DS218J complete with 2 x 2TB WS RED Drives in a Raid 1 config for £220
Will this work with my ND5XS2 and perform ok

Yes, WD Reds are ideal for a Synology NAS, stick Minimserver or Asset on it, and you’re sorted. That looks like a decent price for a new one. Wouldn’t bother with RAID myself.

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Thanks mate
It’s my mate at work, only a few months old
Just thinking of ripping my Cd’s onto it

Good price that. As for RAIDing, some folks do some folks don’t. If you’ve got the CDs then there’s your backup solution.

Use dBPowerAmp for ripping (35 quid), and MP3Tag for correcting metadata (free). Estimate 5 minutes per CD for ripping, correcting metadata.

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Many thanks for your help

Raiding with a 2 drive Nas is a bit pointless as you will loose too much of your overall capacity. I have raid 5 on my 4 bay and it’s very useful when a drive fails as it did the other week. No data loss and could still operate with reasonable speeds all I had to do was pop out the drive and out in a new one.


Another vote for WDReds. I have 4, no issues at all.


DiskStation DS218+ synology is good?
I would like to take a new nas and am undecided between qnap and synology. Use for hi Res music and movies in the future for tv

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Thanks again

What setting would you suggest on dbPoweramp ??
Just tried to rip a CD and its guving me errors in RED ?

I use a Synology, but have set up QNAPs for others. Not much to chose up to now, but maybe because of familiarity I prefer Synology.
The big plus change that has moved my preference further toward Synology is Asset UPnP has just been launched for Synology, so it’s a level playing field.

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If the PSU or controller in your single NAS box goes on the fritz, then you may be screwed anyway, no matter how many drives you have in that box.

I presume it’s saying “inaccurate” in red? My understanding is that when dBp performs a rip it generates (what used to be called) a “hash code” and looks up the codes of similar rips in its online database. When dBp shows a green “accurate” it will have a number in brackets; this is the number of times that the DB has been matched. Note that no music files have been uploaded (that would be very very naughty) only a code of your local rip.
A red “inaccurate” may mean that the code that your dBp generates during the ripping process does not match the codes of the same track already stored on the Accurip database. It may mean that the track is screwed, but it may not. So play the track. If it sounds OK then it is OK :slight_smile:

If the rip is buqqered, then dBp has a number of different modes that you can try. You have to look through the menu system. They do multiple passes and it takes much longer.

Of course, the legality of ripping is a grey area…

And my CDX-XPS sounds better anyway, LOL!

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Which is why I also have two backups :slight_smile: Raid is immediate protection from a bad disk not a permanent protection.

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Yup, me too

Although I’ve never had a disk die in my NASs I have had a box go screwy. Not a true NAS (as we know them today with an IP address), it was an old Netgear with two drives mirrored that attached to the PC’s ethernet port as an HDD). I recovered most of my data (mostly photographs) by grabbing a similar s/h box from ebay and (go figure this one…) putting 1 drive in the old box and 1 (mirrored) drive in the new one (and before anybody asks, my mobo at that time had two ethernet ports…).

Never understood why it worked, got my photos back so didn’t care, bought a proper NAS, with a BD writer and saved the whole lot to BDR (2 copies!).

qnap 210 faultless with add on back up… flawless for years . never move it about keep it dust free . small heat sink fitted on power supply Keep qnap upto date .like their website interface

clean cd before ripping is good practice

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I’ve lost about 3-4 over the years, but my Nas as pretty much active all the time no chance of them spinning down in this house.

Thanks all
Decided to buy a qnap ts-251+ instead
Will try and find out how to make this work on my network and WiFi for my devices for roon and tidal.

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