Driving me nuts, again ND5XS2

ND5 xs2 SW uptodate, blah blah and I know what I’m doing IT wise. BUT, when streaming from our CD collection on a HDD via servers choice, most often when you play a whole album it starts with track 1, then goes to track 10 by itself.

Having already started topics on the app and SW before (Muso 2) its beginning to get tedious to the point of getting closer not not being bothered to put up with this.

Both items are under warranty and am considering the future here, been a Naim used for 30+ years but this is not looking good. I’m often away for months and don’t want to be on the phone talking the family though stuff that’s not working as we expect.

Sorry for the miserable post but Naim kit IS that good, it makes the experience extra frustrating.

Hope I’ve made a stupid mistake or i don’t understand something TBH


Seasons greeting though!

This sounds like a Metadata issue. Without correct Metadata the files will play in alphabetical order e.g.

I think you mean numerical rather than alphabetical, but I was thinking the same thing about the metadata.

I meant alphanumeric.

Whatever it is it sounds like the metadata may be squiffy.

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