Dropout on streaming flac NSC222

I’m getting dropout on streaming flac files on NSC222. Anyone else experiencing this? Thoughts on cause?

Where are you streaming from, and what is your general network setup - e.g. routers/switches/Mesh/WiFi Extenders etc?

Also is it only happening on headphones

What are pixel sizes of any album artwork embedded into the Flac file (if you know)?

Streaming from USB (rear) and not only occurring through headphones. Funny really, only just started noticing it after 5 months (probably just about run-in) so I guess could be a developing problem (hope not as sounding fabulous). Used same streaming method with Nova for 2 years with no problems so bit of a head scratcher at the moment…

The first thing I would try is using the front USB port. They copy some of the problem files onto a different USB drive and see if that solves the problem.

You are using the same USB-stick/SSD/HDD for 5 month and the problem shows now for the first time?
If it’s a „shows over time“ issue, then switch-off/on (or next: power cycle) the NSC and see, if it’s gone. (Could be some software hiccup.)
If it persists afterwards, test the drive in a computer, if there any faults with it and if you can copy/read some large files to/from it.
If there’s nothing to be found, use a different drive/stick for a test. Or try the front port. (Just play around to find any wrongly-working component.)
If it still persists, ask Naim support.

BTW - the term „streaming“ is usually used, when the music (files) are transported over the network during playback. So when you use a USB-drive, it’s more like „local playback“ (no network involved for the actual music, except for any control via the app).
In such a case, people don’t have to worry about your network setup.

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For the Flac files with the issue, can you describe where they came from, and if self-ripped, how you added the album artwork? I.e. did you download the album artwork graphics and then add it in, or did the tripper do this automatically for you.

DbPoweramp, album cover automatically. Seemed to be happening on Elton John, Diamonds songs, however have re-ripped, rebooted, reinstalled and so far so good.

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