DSD and MQA on Qobuz?

Was playing the excellent Jon Hopkins’ Singularity and there was quite a gap between Singularity, first track ending, and Emerald Rush, the second track starting.
When I looked at the signal path MQA and DSD were mentioned, Authentication was referenced and processing speed was lower too – didn’t think Qobuz did this?
Don’t know if this is just my system freaking out or whether anyone else has experienced similar?
No biggie just a bit weird.

For the same album, I have this; it’s showing as only this version available to play.

I get the same as you, just FLAC 44.1/24

Thanks for looking, have you tried the track Emerald Rush?


I suspect there are some production errors on the distribution for that particular track.

Thanks, so not just me or my system then which is reassuring. Not noticed anything like that before. Not sure if MQA even exist with DSD so most likely a blip in detail rather than actual content.