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I have downloaded a CD, recorded and downloaded as DSD64, to my CORE. The file contains a small JPG file of the cover that I have renamed ‘folder.jpg’. No artwork appears on my NDX2 or app.
Jonas from NativeDSD has been very helpful and checked a random DSD 64 track from the Aliud album and the artwork and other tags do show up properly as id3V2 compliant tags.
Can anyone explain?
Many thanks, Alan

I have had this a few times, in all cases no album art was attached/embedded with the metadata.
Renaming the folder to folder.jpg does not attach/embed.
You need to run it through a metadata software program, I use dBpoweramp, some Open Source others such as Mp3Tag are available, bu I’m not sure if they support DSD.
With dBpoweramp, highlight all the tracks including folder.jpg, right click & run dBpoweramp '‘Edit ID Tags’ & OK
With Mp3Tag, if it supports DSD, ‘Select all Files’ touch the artwork area at the bottom left screen & ‘Add Cover’

MP3Tag does support DSD. It works as flawless as dBpoweramp.

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Thanks Hubert, since I posted, out on the road with iPhone, I now remember using Mp3Tag a few sessions with a DSD vendor who I helped with improvements to his metadata formatting.
I use it a lot with a vendor with a ‘Q’ in the name, always needs movements

Thanks Mike and Hubert.
Presto Classical have told me that they do not embed artwork but this company has reassured me that they do and, indeed have checked these particular files (tags do show up properly as id3V2 compliant tags).
I guess my question should have been 'Why does my NDX2 not detect this artwork?

Sometimes we need to reindex the music files once stored on external hdd as NAS.

Embed or attach, the art has to be linked to the metadata, if it’s not there, NDX2 cannot see it.
Why not just run it though a metadata software & attach it as I suggest

Thanks all for pushing me to get on and try Mp3tag. It has very successfully attached artwork to some albums (FLAC) that have been missing them, but it has not cracked the problem with this DSD album.
Mp3tag shows the artwork is there in the artwork area and I can even add a second copy, although it will not remove the original artwork. Nothing I have done, including reindexing, has made artwork appear on my CORE or NDX2.
It’s a mystery!

Yes a mystery, at this stage I recommend making a copy & experiment on that.
A stoopid question, this DSD is in DSF (.dsf) format … ???

What PC/Laptop system do you have, Windows or Mac
I’m not a Mac user so can only talk Windows
In Windows File Explorer you can look at & edit the file (track or all tracks) in Properties and in the ID Tag tab you see & can delete & add artwork including from the internet

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Yes - DSF
I do all my ‘fiddling’ on my windows 10 desktop and then transfer a copy of the album files to my core.

When you extract the audio files from a DSD SACD you can have 2 formats. .dsf (the Sony variant) or .dff (the Philips variant). SQ wise no difference,but only .dsf files can hold metadata. .dff files can’t.

Yes I know that, one of the reasons I asked

Most probably the artwork that you have as a file called folder.jpg in the same folder as the music is too large. The Core has a size limit which is invariably less than the supplied artwork in my experience.

I forget exactly what the size limit is, but if you go for 1000 x 1000 pixels, then that works fine and the max size isn’t much more than that. So the solution is probably to resize the folder.jpg file.



Max size on Unitiserve is 1280 x 1280, so I would guess that the Core is at least the same.

I think it’s probably exactly the same! When I buy downloads from Presto they usually come about 2500x2500 and if I forget to resize it, it never shows up in my Core.

I wish that was the answer but probably not - I made sure the image file was a jpg, 500 x500 and named folder

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