DSD file on Core

Is the Core send out the DSD file and convert it to DoP through ethernet ?

Thanks for comment.


Thanks for your information.

My new DAC cannot stream the DSD from Core :face_with_peeking_eye:

How about S/PDIF output ? Is it DoP ?

I don’t think so, but I’m not certain. I suggest you ask Naim Technical Support. Don’t forget the Core was designed some 9 years ago.

OK, thanks a lot !!!

Interestingly, i just tried Naim Core > coax > Marantx SA12SE SACD player/DAC > NAC 272 analog input

My DSD albums stored on the Core do play. For example the ripped SACD of “Wish you were here” display on the Marantz screen as “PCM176.4K/16”, so suggests the Core is at least converting the DSD files to PCM on playback over the coax connection.

Yes the Core does support replay of DSD, as it says in the specification…

Yes, if you stream over the Ethernet they remain DSD files.
I was just surprised that the Core is converting from DSD to PCM on the fly for streaming via the S/PDIF output.

I hope CORE can let user select DoP function through UPnP

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