DSD format needed to play through usb on Naim Uniti Core

Please advise on the DSD 64 format needed to play music files on a flash drive through the usb on a Core. I have tried .iso, .dsf, and Phillips .dff and no sound is being produced even though the file is playing on my app.

I only have a few DSD albums, and they’re all on a USB connected HDD, but they play just fine through the Core which is connected via s/pdif to a Naim DAC. They are .dsf

I’d try a valid dsf file from here, there are plenty of tracks in various formats including dsd 64 as “dot dsf” format http://www.2l.no/hires/
If that works, then there might be an issue with your own dsf file. Was this purchased or ripped yourself?

Thanks Richard & Robert.
I should have explained that I am trying to send them to a Chord Dave Dac which according to Ed Selley at Chord will play up to DSD128 via DoP to the Dave’s BNC Coaxical connection if the source can send it. Can anyone advise on if this possible with the Naim Uniti Core?

Found this for you. The core
… can play WAV files to 32-bit/384kHz; FLAC, ALAC, and AIFF files up to 24/384; and DSD64 and 128. For playback, DSD is converted to PCM.

On the back of the Uniti Core is a BNC S/PDIF digital output, for direct connection to a component with an S/PDIF input.
End quote
DoP is DSD over PCM so the format should be compatible.

Was the drive formatted in a way that is compatible with the Core?

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