DSP DAC not booting

My 2 year old Naim NAC N272 PreAmp Streamer fails to boot and now shows Fault 34 “DSP DAC not Booting” I’ve powered off, unplugged, let sit for a day, and repowered. Same Fault message. Prior to the first reboot, the Fault meassage was Fault 35 DSP DAC Reg4 (W) fail
I have pinged Naim support; no response yet. Is there a full reboot technique for the NAC N272 rather than unplugging and repowering?
Local dealer has no clue. Their solution is box it up and ship to Naim.
Any and all suggestions welcome.

Your local dealer should stop being lazy, get off their lardy arse, call Naim and get you an answer.

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Try powering the system down and amp and power supply if being used the 272
Remove the big shorting plug ( if no external supply is being used ) make sure you pull the ac cord out as well
Let sit for 10 mins.

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Great suggestion…I just tried that with the sequence you laid out but unfortuantely…same Message “Fault 34 DAC DSP Not Booting”. Still waiting on Naim support to provide some suggestions. But please any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Do you have any digital gear plugged into the 272 ?

Yes. (1) Ethernet Network. (2) Uniti CORE Server on the etehrnet network but its powered off and unplugged. (3) Oppo SACD player; also powered off. And that its.

I’m thinking of unplugging the ethernet connection…which by the way I have rebooted all routers and switches.

still no luck after disconnecting all connections except power before restart and still Fault 34. Yuk!
I wonder if there is some trick to factory restore like there is on other Naim components for example like pressing Play and Input while powering up…tried that and still Fault 34

If @NeilS is reading he may be able to shed light on whether “Fault 35 DSP DAC Reg4 (W) fail” is a back to Naim fix.

As I said in your other thread, this is almost certainly a hardware fault. You could ring Naim support, which would get you a faster response than an email. But likely this is going to need to go back to Salisbury.

If you can actually use the remote control and see the menu on screen on the 272, then you could try a factory reset, but I don’t expect it to help to be honest.



agreed…unfortuantely the remote doesnt respond and no affect on the fault 34 screen

As David says, it does sound like a hardware fault. There are very fine fusible tracks on the PCB designed to fail if something downstream draws too much current. If these have opened in the DSP supply rails, it would cause these errors. You could prove this theory if all is well when connected to an external PSU (i.e. XPS).
If this is the case, it’s back to base for a new main PCB I’m afraid, as the fusible tracks are not replaceable.
I believe you can force a factory reset by pressing and holding OK/List* when powering on. If that doesn’t instigate a reset - try the same while holding stop*.
*on the front panel.


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thank you @NeilS The N272 is and was connected to an XPS-DR. I did try the factory reset suggestions. The 272 went thru a few new messages “Wait” “factory reset”. I was hopeful for a few seconds then the dreaded Fault 34 reappeared… Alas, I will wait to connect with Naim service while I prepare to box it up. and determine if they also want the XPS-DR or just the N272. Must say the N272 has worked brillantly for 2 years…BUT I must note that my 30 year old upstairs McIntosh PreAmp and Amp system with an external OPPO DAC streamer also works brillantly.
Once again thanks everyone for the suggestions. Cheers

If the fault is present when using the XPS & also stand alone with the link plug, I’d say you only need return the 272.


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Here is the latest: After phone consultation with Naim Tech Support, Henry (great guy and helpful). Disconnected XPS and attempted reboot and factory reset. New message “Fault 34 BridgeCo init fail”. So back to Naim go-eth my NAC N272…
soooo to punish myself further - I’m thinking about swapping out the N272 for an NDX 2 and NAC 282 or 252 to go with my Uniti CORE and NAP 300DR. Always like to hear comments from the Naim forum.
Thanks for all of the advice and suggestions… Cheers!

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…if I had the money and the space, I would love to own a XPS DR > NDX 2> SuperCap DR > 252 > 300 DR system!

What speakers are you using?

Wilson Duetts

I have not had the pleasure of seeing them or hearing them so I gave them a quick peak on the internet. They look very nice and hope to run across them at some point to give them a listen!

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