DT8, D20r or A7 for Naim Nova

Hi there!

I just buy this system for my wife in her office, which is 25-30sqm. I think is a nice one (even when She’s used to listen my systems much more expensive), there were something about Naim and ProAc pretty musical if recall well.

Always liked what the Uniti series did for myself when starting in all this hifi madness.

I thought they match well, but think which model should be better? never heard Spendor, but A7 looks good.

Also which cables would be a nice match?

EDIT: Change the topic.

Try putting ‘speaker cables for Nova’ into the search. Any of the usual suspects will be fine.

I had the A7’s with a Nova and dident find it a happy marriage after a while living with them, my room could have contributed obviously so YMMV.

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Can get for 2.800€ either of these three I’m contemplating: D20R, A7 or Audio Physic Classic 25

If you could home demo that would give you your answer.
I’ve had D20Rs with ND5XS2/XS3 and now 200 series - truly magnificent with NACA5. For me they are a great value speaker and have good synergy with Naim and I’m possibly not that impartial😂.
YMMV but good luck.

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I would go for the ProAC D20R. I have only used NAIM NAC A5 speaker cable with my systems so it would be the only recommendation I would make.

Demo at dealer showroom and home if possible.

Good luck with your decision.


I had the same experience, A7s are not a good match to Nova. However, Spendor D7.2 were magic.


Can be the ProAc fatiguing with highs or mid tones?

NO they are not.

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thanks, dealer told me they can be fatiguing or shouting with the nova or even, boring??

The dealer has no idea what he is talking about then. The DT8 are one of the most energetic and fun speakers in its class. They are super engaging and have a fun factor that many speakers lack. But they never tire as or cause fatigue. It will match amazing with the Nova, for the D20 a Supernait will be a better balanced choice imo.

I owned the DT8 for four years and I still miss their energy sometimes.


Dealer told me that regarding D20r, he said is a more refined speaker than DT8, which I can get for 1.000€ less.

Actually the more I read about Neat Iota Xplorer, the more my wife and me are convinced to give them a try, old topic for me.

I can also highly recommend Spendor D7.2. I auditioned a pair recently against PMC and Proac in a similar price range. The Spendors were a clear winner for me, detail , punch and sound staging much better I thought.

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It really does depend on your space so home demo if possible. Pro ac did not work for me in my room, but as you can see many people swear by them. I ended up with a brand that many describe as boring but definitely isn’t in my room/with my set up. Hope you find speakers that work well for you