Dumb old guy needing a little help

Hi guys it’s the old Taff hear again
I bought a like new used Naimuniti2 for Christmas, I’ve downsized after many years of full gear inc Quad esl 57 speakers ,Sonus Faber Musica amp + Marantz CD Ki Signature cd player + dacs , good quality cables etc plus many changes along the way this is my first with a Naim product .
Now im using sennheiser HD 650 headphones, Darkvoice 336se headphone amp and the Naimuniti2, speakers etc to follow possibly .I’ve set up the cd side + dab etc it fine , I used the wireless setup.
and ,I’ve signed up for Tinder ( on your members advice great quality thanks) I’m very pleased with the set up .I was going to buy a used pair of of Sennheiser HD800 headphones then I changer my mind for a Naimuniti2 instead ,
( it was a good call by reading online )
now how to I get Tinder on my Unity2 i can get it on my PC and my pad through a cable only , I’ve tried through Naim website it dosnt have the older stuff, it wants the linc to set it up ?
There are no dumb questions only dumb answers lol what can say I’m old and set in my old fashioned ways of doing things lol

I think you have a spelling mistake there as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get Tinder on the unity, maybe Tidal :slight_smile:


If you mean Tidal then you need to have the right firmware on your Uniti2. Ideally the latest which is 4.7. Below 4.7 you may be able to see Tidal but it depends what version you are on and how it got there. For example going to 4.6 without going through 4.3 loses Tidal whereas going from 4.4 to 4.6 doesn’t lose it. But anyway 4.7 is the one to do.



.thanks I’ve just bought it on 24th december 2019 , from a naim supplier in Birmingham so will check that fimwear that I have i need is the 4.7 I believe its 4.4 now many thanks
I’m juggling trying to set up the NaimUnity2 , Christmas delivering buying presents etc and getting my transferred to mp3 for music for my new car Citreon Grand C4 Spacetourer (no cd player ) fitted ?

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You may still be able to get Tidal if it has 4.4. You can check easily. You should be controlling the Uniti2 through the Naim app. You don’t need a setup link. The older units are mostly setup from the front panel with the remote rather than through the app. But you need to check that Tidal is enabled. So in the app, go to the gearwheel icon, then select “input settings”, then there is a list of all available inputs. Tidal should be in that list.

If it is then select it and turn it on by tapping the input enabled box. Then you can back out of it and Tidal will now show as an icon on the app home screen for the Uniti2.

If Tidal isn’t in the list of inputs then you need to update the firmware to 4.7. That will put the necessary software library into the unit.



Ok, thank you david ,I’m old school kick it if, that doesnt work tap it with hammer ( dosnt usely work so I’ll try your method) lol many thanks for your time and advice

Nice to see that Naim are ahead of the game introducing Tinder into their range. Was it launched on valentines day?


Tinder now on a naim product - that will be a date to remember!

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This puts pace rhythm and timing in an entirely different perspective.


Extended listening required.



Products Update Type Functionality Release Date Release Type Download file
NDS, NDX, ND5 XS, SuperUniti, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, UnitiLite, UnitiQute, UnitiQute 2, NAC-N 172 XS, NAC-N 272 Version 4.7 Software * Fixed: Some Tidal streams on the high quality setting with a .mp4 extension would fail to play

  • Fixed: Audio artefacts when playing MP3 56kb/s iRadio stations (BBC World Service)
  • Fixed: Glitches when playing iRadio station CJAD 800, Qobec
  • Fixed: d on Dirty Disk text capitalised (Uniti/Uniti2 only)
  • Fixed: Updating from older versions (v4.3.0 or older) will retain new features (DSD, Tidal etc.) February 2019 Consumer Download Version 4.7 Software Update (PC)

Download Version 4.7 Software Update (Mac)

If your product is running a software version prior to 3.00 or has an n-Link connection please contact Naim Support.
NDS, NDX, ND5 XS, SuperUniti, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, UnitiLite, UnitiQute, UnitiQute 2, NAC-N 172 XS, NAC-N 272 Version 4.6 Software * New: Multiroom compatibility with Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova

  • New: Updated to latest Spotify library

  • New: Soft mute the audio when streams stop; this removes sharp transition when music stops

  • Fixed: DAB metadata encoding issue. Some accented characters were shown incorrectly

  • Fixed: Improved TIDAL stability April 2018 Consumer Download Version 4.6 Software Update (PC)

Download Version 4.6 Software Update (Mac)

Please note: the streaming product must already be on version 4.4 before updating. To check what software your product is on click here. If your product is running a sofware version prior to 3.00 or has an n-Link connection please contact Naim Support.
NDS, NDX, ND5 XS, SuperUniti, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, UnitiLite, UnitiQute, UnitiQute 2, NAC-N 172 XS, NAC-N 272 Version 4.4 Software * Enables native support for TIDAL lossless streaming with a free 90-day trial of the HiFi tier.

Download Version 4.4 Software Update (Mac)

“Please Note : For Uniti systems (therefore excluding UnitiQute, UnitiLite, SuperUniti, UnitiQute2, Uniti2, ND or NAC-N units) with rear-panel n-Link connectors and overall firmware versions prior to 3.x (to confirm your overall firmware version please use the IR remote to access the “Versions” entry in the “Tools” -> “Factory Settings” -> “System Status” menu on your unit) only, please contact Naim Support for details regarding the hardware update your unit would require to include the later functionality such as App Control, TIDAL and Spotify.”

Naim is quite confusing in those instructions.

Basically if you are on 4.3 then you must do 4.4 or 4.7. If you are on 4.4 then if the unit was previously on 4.3 then you can go to 4.6 or 4.7. If you don’t know what it was on before 4.4 or 4.6 and Tidal is missing in the list of inputs then you must do 4.7. If you are on earlier than 3.00 (which I believe is only some original Uniti 1), then you have to call Naim Support. If you are on something higher than 3.00 then going direct to 4.7 is fine.

In other words providing you are already on at least 3.00, going to 4.7 in one go is the right course of action.



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Ok ,many thanks David, I’ll dig out my pc , and cables etc tommorow,

Ok sooo I’ve not got the mini usb cable yet my wife should be getting in the next hour or so ive looked at naim home it shows a raft of Naim products from on the lleft hand side
,NDX ,NDX NDs to NAC-N 272
IM USING MY LC DO I CLICK Download 4.7 version software update (pc) it’s not opposite to my BNaimUnity2 but I’m guessing it’s the right software for me
( I don’t want to f ### it up ) many thanks to all at the Naim owners club again

Just click on the download, Mac or PC version as needed. There should be instructions as well as the software itself, and you should read these and follow them to the letter.

Ok many thanks I cant get the cable yet I’ll order it now

Make sure it’s a suitable USB data cable. Some are for use only with chargers, and supply power only, not data, which has caught a few people out in the past.

Great, I thought all cables were the same I’ve just cancelled and ordered the right 1
,( it’s a funny old game hifi 2 steps forward and 3 back lol) you’ve saved me a lit of hassel ,many thanks

Gives a new meaning to PRaT :thinking:

Tinder with a power supply, and the veil is lifted…

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