Duplicated Tidal Playlists in Naim App

Since the last Naim app and Uniti Atom update, not sure which has triggered it, but I am seeing duplicated Tidal playlists in my Naim app. Anyone else seeing this? I have deleted both apps & reinstalled. No use. I only have two playlists but they are being duplicated…

Yes I can confirm. The NaimApp shows it up to three times. Also the same behave with Albums.

Thanks good to know. Have you reported it to Naim? I did to make them aware. Hopefully a fix soon…

Just updated to latest Naim App today. No change I’m still having duplicated Tidal playlists on the Naim App. Bummer! You would think Naim developers would have time to fix it from the last update. Jeez.

Depends if they were aware of it in time, and whether the hot fix could be factored into the current release.

Sure. I did notify Naim support 4months ago. Hopefully the next update will sort it out.

Not seeing it on the Naim app into a 272.

Good to know. Naim mentioned this, “Unfortunately there have been several reported issues when using Tidal via the Naim app, and we do recommend using the Tidal app itself because of this.”

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