Dust magnet 🧲

Anyone else have any ideas / recommendations for keeping the dust at bay and , or cleaning said dust from the Nova ?
The Nova seems particularly badly plagued…I wonder if the plastic content on the front of the unit is contributing to static buildup and resulting dust attraction ?
Any tips would be appreciated.

Hi Steve, for all equipment I use a very common “swiffer” duster that capture dust quite well.
There are also anti static sprays that works well but I am not sure they are really safe with some finishing.
Usually swiffer and perseverance work quite well :blush:

Ask any science boffin where dust comes from, they will say that around 80 % come from us as dead skin and the rest from indoor furniture and carpets and from outside the house. Best way to help reduce it is to put it where their isn’t so much human traffic and away from open windows and doors.
Most of us will go around in a bid to keep on top of it at least once a week, in reality it should be seen to everyday and even twice a day in some environments.
A big source can be radiators. All year round doing their thing. In the summer left off and forgotten about, come autumn cold days when the heating gets turned on for the first time - every one is surprised when they get a cold. All those airborne summer allergens coming in from open doors and windows have been collecting as dust behind them. All being wafted out.
Although the Nova does seem more capable of collecting dust more than other designs, with its top mounted user dial.

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…yes I get where the dust comes from…my puzzle is more why do the Nova and Core appear to attract more dust than other items in the same room. Additionally the “finish” seems much harder to remove dust from than that on the Classic series products.

As recommended by @Richarddane…the factory uses Astonish glass cleaner, just dampen a cloth with cleaner and wipe. I picked s bottle up at a pound shop for 99p.

Thanks…will give that a try !

During a SALE, presumably.


No normal price

If they are newer units, then yes, they will attract more dust for the first little while due to static buildup from packaging. Over time this will settle. Use a swiffer, one of the best things ever for dusting audio kit.



Nope in Norfolk…Would be way to expensive out here…back to reality on sunday😬

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