DVD5 Multichannel card

Is there a way to tell if my DVD5 has a multichannel card fitted?
The front speakers work OK , sounds good but I cant seem to get the centre channel output.

Switch off, unplug and then carefully remove the lid. Don’t touch anything inside without full ESD precautions. The presence (or not) of the multichannel card will be obvious.

Is it connected to an AV2 with the correct pair of red banded m/c interconnects?

Thanks for getting back Richard.
There’s a board at the back labelled Stereo Decoder. I’m assuming that is the standard non-multichannel board.
I’ve got an AV-2 but I’m not aware of the red banded interconnects. Do you mean Din? Please let me know the difference between those and the normal ones. I cant see any reference to these in the manual.

Yes, the red banded i/cs are the special multi-channel i/cs that came with the multichannel board equipped DVD5, for full multi-channel analogue connection to the AV2. They are correctly and fully wired internally.

OK thanks Richard.
Looks like I’ll be on the lookout for a DVD5 with the multichannel pcb and the red banded i/c’s.

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