E Ink writers

Anyone here used one ? Recommendations?

Thinking of getting one for work.

Surprised at cost relative to (say) an iPad. Would have thought that the more limited functionality/screen (which is the bonus for writability, battery life and lack of distractions) would have resulted in a better price differential. Though might have answered my own comment there !

Anyways, would love to here from anyone who has used them for work (I’m basically thinking to use as a note taking device in meetings, then convert to type, and then save to relevant client folder on our server).

Any thoughts on practicalities , recommendations or comparison with more fully featured OLED tablets ?


I thought about one of these but by time you look at initial outlay and cost of consumables they are pretty expensive. Decided to stick with my Moleskin notebooks!


I have just bought an iPad air plus an apple Pencil 2 for the very same job, to replace taking notes in the old black & red spiral bound A4 notebooks. There are lots of different apps for this but my son has recommended Microsoft OneNote for the inter-operability it provides across all his devices. He uses his for work as a management consultant and rates it highly. You can use the pencil either as a freehand drawer/pen or you can select optical character recognition, in which case you write longhand and let it translate your writing into typed text.

Early days yet but so far I am encouraged.

Best regards, BF

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Thanks both. Costing up Remarkable 2 against an iPad Air , the Air seems to only be about £250 more. I also need a basic ipad anyways, as got my phone stolen on holiday (now replaced) and life would have been much easier for the last 2 days of the trip if I’d had some kind of apple backup at the hotel. So that makes the Air even more attractive

Have a month to decide (work financial year), but looks like an Air (with or without moleskin backups :grinning:) is the likely way to go.

@Bluesfan - do let us know how you get on over the next few weeks with the Air, and whether any issues.