EAR Yoshino Phonobox

Has anyone got any experience with this phono stage? Im looking around and its on my shopping list of possible purchases. Im running a nac 282,hicap,nap200 into ATC scam 7mk2. LP12,lingo 4, karousel,Koil Front end.

I had a brief demonstration as I had been thinking of a change from my first generation EAR 834P. It was in a strange system and I just happened to be in a store at the right time so there was no direct comparison, they were not an EAR dealer and the Phonobox had been brought in by a customer for a turntable demo. The sound was good and seemed to match the description given by Ken Kessler in HFNRR.
I went round a couple of dealers and never quite got round to it. It’s a niggle in the back of my mind, as is the Vertere, Lindemann, Project and EAT. Getting a demo is another matter…