Easy way to link Atom to a sonus network

On occasion it would be nice to stream what is playing through my ‘proper’ system to the various sonus speakers dotted around the house. I’m not sure if the Connect will achieve this and whether it can be linked through a digital link as the analogue in on my atom is taken up with turntable duties?

Hi, multiroom systems generally only work across systems of the same brand, so Sonos or Naim multiroom will not talk to each other.
Depending on source, you may be able to use AirPlay to stream to all devices.

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I did think as much. I’ll have a play on the mensab’s iPad.
Or get some musos…

Roon is another option, though at additional cost

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You can do it in reverse. Play on Sonus. Use the AirPlay option. Select relevant Sonus speakers and the Atom.

Works fine

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Thank you
Had a look and forgive me, but I dont use iPad as a rule and this didn’t seem obvious to me. I can stream airplay to the atom from the control panel for music stored on the iPad, but within sonus I can’t see an airplay option and it says no airplay compatible products in the settings.

Roon is something that as it stands I cannot see a need for aside from this as you point out. I need to investigate more but don’t see what I would gain over and above the streaming services I use as I don’t store music locally.

That’s a whole different discussion, I just brought it up as one of the very few existing ways of multi-rooming with devices from different manufacturers.

It’s probably too expensive if used only for this, but of course it comes with lots of features you can’t get anywhere else. You might have been interested for the other features and it would solve your multiroom problem, so I mentioned it.

(Some people don’t want/need its features, that’s fine :slight_smile: However, those who don’t see what it is good for usually don’t know what it can do, in my experience. And that’s independent from storing music locally - actually IMHO it’s most valuable for streaming content where otherwise you have no control at all, because Roon lets you edit the streaming content’s metadata and search it. But that’s for another thread)

Hi K

Oops. I got it a bit wrong. Play in Spotify. Hit the speaker icon on bottom right. Then choose airplay. Then choose speakers (in eg below, Sonus is kitchen and Atom is lounge). You can select as many rooms as you like

Roon will not allow you to group Sonos devices with other streamers. Roon multiroom groups must be all Sonos, all Airplay, all Roon RAAT, or all Chromecast. You cannot mix and match. Only Airplay would do that for you.


Yep. Airplay. Same steps get you there on Tidal. Except the starting point is the speaker icon at the top right of play screen

I am grateful you mentioned it…thank you.

Thank you.

Perfect…thank you.

I hope you find the solution that matches perfectly :slight_smile:

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