eBay - selling promotions and vinyl prices

I used to sell things on eBay when it offered me ‘Max selling fees of £1’, which avoided paying it 10%.

But I have noticed that eBay stopped offering me these ‘£1 max selling fee’ promotions several months ago.

Have other people noticed this too?

Also, if anyone has recent experience of selling vinyl on fleabay, please let me know whether you think prices for second hand LPs in excellent condition are mostly:

  1. lower than they were a year or two ago
  2. the same as they were a year or two ago
  3. higher than they were a year or two ago

I’ve not had any this year, but it appears to vary from person to person. My daughter gets more of these offers than me, but has been active longer

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Do you mean eBay? You’re allowed say eBay on here. eBay is the name of a popular auction site, called eBay.

Did you mean eBay?

I see this is now meaningless as the original post now refers to eBay instead of ‘a well known auction site’. :slight_smile:


The Scottish site?

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Don’t all rush at once with informative replies concerning your fascinating (non-)experiences of (not) getting promotional offers from fleabay. :grinning:

Promotional offers tend to arrive when you are selling or have just sold stuff. Having said that I’ve not had one for a while either.

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Ah - interesting.

In that case I will sell some small items to nudge them to send me a selling promotional offer.


I’ve sold one item yesterday, and before that it was 30th dec - no offers yet

Thanks - useful input.

Selling stuff may or may not make any difference to the fleabay promotions algo - we’ll never know either way.

But if it gets some stuff out of my house and has a small chance of adding to the probability that I will get a promotional offer then it’s still worth doing.

Remember that the offer is only for the first attempt of a sale - if it sells on a relist, you don’t get the deal, so best to hold back on big priced items until the offer comes. I tend to keep a folder for each item on my computer, with the photos, and a text file on what I want to say. Then its just a quick copy and paste when the time is right.


Yes, I know that the offers are usually just for that auction or a period of time ‘Buy it now’.

I have 100% feedback on eBay and have sold perhaps 300 items since I started on eBay about 3 years ago.

The only reason I ever touched eBay was because I wanted to upgrade my 16 year old Naim gear and Mrs. JimDog wouldn’t let me take it out of income, so a lifetime of modern first editions, climbing gear, bikes, clothes, and even vinyl had to go, plus my Rega Planar 3, Naim CDP and other hifi remnants.

The idea of preparing and storing the exact text and the 12 photos is a great idea though - because I usually wait for an offer and try to do it then, which makes it much more stressful and time-constrained and often impossible to complete in the 3 day window of the offer.

I joined for the same reason. Having recently retired, I’m having a sort out and getting rid of all sorts of stuff I though wasn’t worth anything, and the funds then go towards my next HiFi upgrade. I even sold my first broken digital camera for a fiver to someone who was collecting all the digital cameras for that manufacturer to just display in a cabinet

BTW,I start the text file by copying in a template I have already created, then just get rid of stuff

Yes, I have a vinyl template, so will use that as my basis for preparing the entries.

I also sold my old film camera - and in fact anything of value to others that was no longer useful to us.

I don’t use ebay as much anymore. They started charging sales tax (states) for pre-owned/second hand goods and that’s compelled me to shop elsewhere. I didn’t buy much hifi on ebay maybe a few things over the last 25 years. Much of the Naim stuff I see on ebay seems suspect or fraudulent anyway.

There are sometimes suspect and fraudulent Naim items on eBay UK, but most of it is ok.

With sufficient care and asking the right Qs it is possible to narrow down the risk of bad sales and purchases by avoiding dodgy sellers/buyers.

There are certainly scammers out there, but most people who own and sell expensive HiFi are genuine. Message them with a question or two and most genuine sellers will be more than happy to respond. The suspect ones are easy to spot once you try to engage with them.

I always assumed the legit Naimers are selling their kit on proper hifi sites. :smiley:

I think it helps also that UK Naim dealers put stuff up on eBay, so they have an important reputation to keep up.

Regarding 100% positive feedback, I wonder how often people give bad feedback. I personally would find it very hard to do, and perhaps am more likely to do nothing. Then again I haven’t had the need.

I once gave a negative feedback.

But then I noticed that it made me look fussy and irritable, so I haven’t done it since.

just got this yesterday. Again no idea, but may be due to the last sale