EC’s Slowhand Album - Vinyl reissue recommendations?

Playing my copy of Slowhand tonight, an RSO mid-price reissue from not sure when…

Sound is vaguely ok, but I’d like a decent pressing of this album. Anyone got any reissue recommendations or am I seeking an expensive pristine original?

Can’t help with this, but perhaps try a search on Steve Hoffman Music Forum? The haunt of vinyl fiends! If anyone has answers, they would I think.

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Thanks Steve. I didn’t know about Steve Hoffman, but will use it going forward. Quick look there suggests there was long ago a MoFi version, but I guess not much chance of finding one of those in good nick for a sensible price. I’ll delve deeper later.

Hope you find something useful! It’s always been pretty helpful for me in checking out various pressings. Good luck!

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I like the mfsl

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I have the MFSL CD and am not that thrilled with the sound. The same is true for the Polydor SACD (in stereo - I don’t have a surround system).

But then I am not a fan overall of the sound of Clapton recordings from that period.

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Yes, I did wonder whether the original recording was just not that great to start with, but if the MoFi vinyl sounded good then perhaps it proved the original to be ok. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for one of those or perhaps a decent condition Gatefold original.

No lack of copies on Discogs… and not expensive. IMO…

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