EDIT NDX2 No sound from right channel

Afternoon everyone.

I’ve just returned from a trip away and on powering the hifi up, I have no sound from the right channel.

NDX2, NAC 282 with SuperCap driving NAP 250.

All leads checked and power recycled a few times. When I select MONO, I get the right channel speaker back, so proving the NAP 250 and the SuperCap, I think.

So I believe it’s the 282.

Any other ideas would be welcome.

FYI, all were serviced in 2021.


I guess it could also be the NDX2. You might want to test that in order to find the culprit.

Pesky relay again i suspect

Guys, thanks for the quick replies. I now remember NDX2 channels failing….

How do I test the NDX2?

I don’t have another source to test the pre amp (except Atom HE).

Thank you.

Do you have any RCA cables you can use to switch the channels over between the kit?

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That’s a good idea. It’ll be a trip to the attic later to see if I do have any RCAs. Not used RCA in years though.

Thank you.

Yep rca it, it will probably be working fine.
That will then for sure be the relay

I would guess it’s the NDX2 here.

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Guys and girls, thank you.

Found an old 3.5mm - DIN from the heady days of AirPort Express’ so feeding a stereo input to the 282. All working as advertised. So it’s the NDX2.

I presume it’s a return to factory fault?

Can anyone remember the warranty on the NDX2? UK purchase in summer of 2019.

Many thanks to all.


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Two years, plus a limited extra three years if you registered it and you’re the first owner. Give your dealer a ring in the morning.


Thanks all.

I’ll call in the morning. I’m hoping to drop the unit off at Naim myself though. If I can keep it away from a carrier, I will.

Hopefully the dealer can organise the return under warranty and I can play DHL.


If it’s a failed relay, maybe your dealer can fix it, depending on their facilities.

My dealer fixed a failed relay in my XS2.

It’s not like that anymore, Daz.

Hasn’t been since about 2012.

You take your boxed item to your dealer. Tell them what the problem is. They send it to Naim. Naim fix it. They send it back to dealer. You collect it and pay.

It’s shame because I used to enjoy taking the odd thing in, meeting Sheila, having a mini tour, saying a few hellos, then going back a couple of weeks later for collection. I loved the personal connection, and meeting Sheila and other staff who were, to my mind, unofficial brand ambassadors.

But this is old fashioned. The world has moved on. But your NDX2 will still be fixed.



@MrFixit and @Christopher_M thanks for your responses.

I had just used the USB output on the Innuos Zen Mk3 to feed an iFi Zen Dac v2 set in fixed output mode to feed the Aux 2 RCAs on the 282 and thought I’d give the NDX2 a last chance before removing it from the stack… and it’s now working. :man_shrugging:

I’ve power-cycled it a few times and the fault hasn’t reoccurred (yet).

There is a fault, even if it is intermittent/transient.

Is it worth sending it in? I hate my kit going off into the world of the couriers!

Of note, what a cracking little DAC the iFi Zen DAC is! I use it a lot as a headphone amp and have always been impressed by how it sounds. But plugged in the 282 it sounds brilliant. I’m quite amazed!

Thanks everyone.


I suspect the fault will return soon enough, I’ve been there, most likely the relay. Naim should sort this FOC as there’s a ridiculous amount of failures.

You should let Naim, or your dealer know straight away if you have the full 5 year warranty, otherwise it might be fine until the day after it expires. Then you have the option of keeping it for now if you don’t want the hassle of a return.

For a bit of further diagnosis, I find it useful to have a selection of din and phono cables, even if they are just super cheap things for testing. You could then try a different input on the 282, just in case that’s where the fault is, as well as trying the RCA out on the NDX2.

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Great advice. Thank you.

I did the very same thing many years ago. I rang Naim in advance, and was told that the unit could be fixed in a few hours. Sheila was an absolute treasure, and a fabulous (if unofficial) brand ambassador for Naim. I dropped the unit off, went out for a (dry) spot of lunch in a tiny pub in Salisbury, and returned a few hours later to pick up the repaired unit.


Tempus Fugit.

Is that a hint to book it in?! I’ll do it tomorrow!