Editing my music on my PC

My IP address is visible through my Uniti Core app ok. Where do I use it next? I now live in an appartment building and I am cabled indeed. But I wonder if the “Universal” Internet access here isn’t creating issues (my IP Address is strange to me :
So can anyone help please with the next steps on where to put it and in which format w/ crossbars?

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That does look like an irregular IP address, but are you intending to edit Core CD rips? If so, you should be using the Naim app, not a PC.

Nope, it’s a regular private address, though less frequently used than 192.168.*

The IP address ranges reserved as private are: – (65,536 IP addresses) – (1,048,576 IP addresses) – (16,777,216 IP addresses)

I understood the OP as saying that their apartment building provides internet for all tenants. If that’s correct, it’s probably more professional gear than a home router and it may be configured to allow more local IP addresses, therefore using the 172.16. range

Thank you Chris for the reply. I am only hoping to add and delete files/ records. Sort them in a certain intuitive way but not edit any CD. Maybe add a picture when the picture is wrong, that seems to happen sometimes. Sme housekeeping of my files to make them funnier to play with or look at. See?
I think I can also make it easier to import music to my core by sliding a file from my download file to my core. Hope I am phrasing this ok (my french is taking over…)

You are right Suedkiez. Then now, how do I use my IP address and where so I can access my folders and move them around a bit?


I think that’s best left to the Uniti Core owners :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the rips made by the Core must be edited in the Naim app on a phone or tablet, as Chris wrote.

And then there is a separate folder on the Core that you can access from the file manager on your PC, by using the Core’s IP address. If you rip CDs on the PC or buy downloads, you can copy them to this folder. In this case, you would edit the metadata of these rips on the PC, before you copy them to the Core. You can do so either in the ripping software (most use dbPoweramp) or a separate program (the creator of dbPoweramp makes one available, and there are others like mp3tag)

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