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My system includes a NAIM Superuniti and a KSTOR 1Tb NAS. I use dBPoweramp for editing ID-tags, and I have set up a custom search tree using the facility on the Windows Home Server.
My problem, which has only recently arisen, is that the Superuniti seems to be reading data from somewhere other than the KSTOR, or at least it is not reading the most recent edited version of what is on the KSTOR.
Here is an example. I recently bought 10 CD’s of Mozart Violin Sonatas played by Alina Ibragimova and Cedric Tiberghien. As is so often the case, the metadata is inconsistent across these discs. The Artist field of 6 of them contains “Alina Ibragimova; Cedric Tiberghien”, the remaining 4 have “Alina Ibragimova”. I edited the four discs so they all read the same. I also added an extra Style field containing “Violin Sonatas”. When I look at the database in File Explorer, or dBpoweramp, this is the way they look, but the SuperUniti reverts to the original Artist field, while ignoring the Style field for the 4 edited discs. These appear as “Unknown Style”.
Has anyone any idea what may be going on, or even better, has anyone any idea how it can be fixed?

KSTOR have a pre-installed UPnP software program called Asset UPnP included. You need to get this opened & running. The Asset UPnP logo will then appear on your tablet/smart.phone Naim app, that is what you use to read, browse & play on your SuperUniti.

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What you say is true. Asset upnp also ignores the edits, and while there are many things one can do with it, editing is not one of them, unless I’ve missed something.

This might get complicated, but let’s see.
Yes indeed Asset is not able to edit, it can however sort the albums according to how it’s agdvanced browse tree is structured.
Looking at & changing whatever you see in Windows File Explorer is not editing the metadata & thats what Asset uses to present your files the way you wish. Are you actually editing metadata or just the file title line which I believe is all that can done with Windows File Explorer.
I use dBpoweramp “Edit” to work on any of the very basic metadata, correcting album art etc, but it’s slow for more advanced editing & for that I use Mp3Tag.

The streamer/Naim app can be a little slow to show updates. Clearing the UPnP cache sometimes helps.
Before doing that, the server may need to rescan your library before showing any changes, although I believe Asset does that quickly when you make changes.

A couple of points.
First, it’s not the SuperUniti that is seeing the data on your nas, it’s the Naim App that is seeing the data and sending data to the SU.

The Naim App does recognize a “Style” field but I’ve never used it myself. You do need to focus on the Artist field. When I use the Naim app with my Asset server, Style is buried in the “Additional” area of tags; it’s not on the main screen. (You might be able to alter that; I’m not sure.) But if the content is the artist names, I’d focus on getting them right in the Artist field.

If you use dbPoweramp to edit the Artist field, the server will need to re-scan before the changes will be noted. In my experience Asset running on a QNAP nas re-scans very quickly. BUT, the Naim app may have cached the old data and may need its cache cleared.

I’m not sure if it’s quite that simple, as the SU also shows the metadata on its front panel display. I never did figure out if the app gets its metadata direct from the server, or via the streamer, but as far as I can remember, the two displays always show the same version of that metadata.

That’s not right: The app opens & facilitates DLNA/UPnP communication between NAS & SuperUniti. The data stream is to & from each, not the app.

Thanks for all your replies. I do not edit in File Explorer. I use dBpoweramp for that, accessing it via FE. I agree that it is very clunky, and I shall probably try the alternative that you mention.
I did try to test whether there is some kind of buffer in the SuperUniti, but I don’t know how to clear it. I have restarted, rescanned, switched on and switched off endlessly - all to no effect.
What is really puzzling is that this problem seems to have suddenly appeared of its own accord. I’ve edited loads of stuff before, and not had this problem.

In the app, go to settings > input settings > UPnP and hit Clear UPnP cache.
Also restart everything, i.e. router, SU, NAS and iPhone.
That might prompt the streamer/app to load the updated metadata.

I’m focusing only on the metadata - not the audio data. The data stream certainly is between only the server and the player, but I THOUGHT that the metadata goes from the server to the app, thus enabling the app to tell the player what to play (fetch from the server).

The iOS or Android device is just a reader/display, it does not have any computing ability as such. The app reads & displays the data over DLNA/UPnP media server software (Asset, Minimserver etc) that’s loaded on the server. The app screen display enables you to select the various artist, album, etc media server browse tree routes & to send your selection command to the server & renderer. There is no data transfer, just remote commands to the media server software that resides on the server.

I think we’re saying basically the same thing :slight_smile: The app “reading and displaying” the (meta)data from the server is exactly what I’m thinking of. It’s the app that does this, as opposed to the player (SU, NDxxx, etc.) I think!!

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