Eee Obadiah, who'd have thought that one day

Today, I found myself in my kitchenette checking the Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream in the freezer whilst making filtered orange juice from my own orange trees to make proper Buck’s Fizz for aperitifs to accompany this Sunday’s roast dinner with the neighbours whilst listening to Beethoven on my expensive hifi and thought to myself…

“How f***ing bourgeois AM I?” :flushed::wink::sunglasses:

… which was nice …



Hagen Daaz is french. Vive la France !

I thought Häagen Dazs was American. And Mike, I think you have attained a perfect score on the middle-classometer.

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Very lar de dar i’m sure? Personally watching a re-run of Scotland v England Euro 96 prior to a chicken roast, proper working class, although the accompanying white wine spritzer is making me think … :grinning:

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There is a Haagen Dazs manufacturing plant in Arras in northern France. The product is an American product - no doubt it is owned by a huge conglomerate that exists to help pay our pension income.
I was first introduced to Haagen Dazs in Florida in 1980. It is a manufactured name using unrecognised characters.

Thanks, I didn’t know.

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