Ehernet patch leads

Hi there, has anyone had any experience with supra cat 8 ehernet cables, I’m looking to replace cat 5a cable from hub to mu-so.

:small_blue_diamond:@Kevla,…Look in the “Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”-thread,.where there are many great suggestions for cables in all price-classes.


I took one but only to connect my notebook to the swich

I think an index is needed for that thread, or ideally a balanced summary that shows the varying conclusions and views, as 5k+ contributions effectively makes it all but unreadable! (I’m not suggesting someone does this as it would be a huge task, just it would be a nice-to-have.)

To the OP: just in case you were unaware, whether or not there is a difference between two cables, and if there is which one sounds better, is likely to depend on the specific streamer being fed, so anything relating to a streamer other than Muso is irrelevant. You could do a search on that thread for Muso to see if anyone has done the comparison you want, and if so whether there was any audible difference - but bear in mind that the difference, if ampny, may depend on the rest of your network, and the electrical environment around it.

If your existing cable is a certified Cat 5e, I don’t imagine you will gain anything by going to a Supra cat 8. You will have a bit less money if you do go with the Cat 8 though.



I suggested this and nominated Xanthe. But it is indeed a mammoth task and probably wouldn’t be properly appreciated by some of the contributors to the thread.

I was convinced by someone to try the Supra Cat8, and did since it isn’t all that expensive. After using two for a month or so (switch to Roon server, and switch to NDX2) I concluded it’s no better – at best – than a basic Cat6a cable and poor value for the extra, unnecessary expense. I went back to using my trusty, certified Cat6a Blue Jeans cables. That sounds best to me.

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Not Supra but a Cablematters CAT 8 is what is in my setup for trial following some +ve views over at the audiophilestyle site. I get a vivid sound stage, seemingly a lower noise floor, and the nice ‘slam’ down low - Only a few hours on it but so far this is a ‘clear’ performer in my setup. PRaT is intact. Worth a try.

That reminds me I have a Supra Cat 8 in my cupboard and was supposed to give it to a friend. I use Blue Jeans Cat 5e in preference to connect my hifi to my network (HP switches), my network uses Connectix Cat 6a.

Never found any benefit from audiophile network stuff with my setups, but others love these tweaks. I’ve not tried things like the EtherRegen though.

@Kevla, if I were you I’d drop Naim a mail and ask them what they would recommend with their MuSo. I suspect they’ll recommend any decent Cat 5e.

In my network I prefer the Supra Cat8 to the Blue Jeans Cat5e, but prefer the BJ Cat6a to both for detail, low sound floor, soundstage and overall musicality. The Supra is very good for tge latter but sounds “smaller”.

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Oh lord…here we go again. My useless 2 cents: no discernable difference between BJC Cat 6a and Supra Cat 8…


I agree they’re quite close, but on a 5m cable from Catalyst switch to ND555 in my system I and others could hear a clear difference. It’s obvious that everyone doesn’t share the same findings, but I have found other people’s findings reported on this forum both relevant and helpful. So I reported my own in that spirit (and now claim the prize for forumite to have used words with the root find the most in two sentences).

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