Elac Navis / Naim

Hello Naim aficionados,

Made a really good deal on ebay, bought a pair of Elac Navis active floorstanders for a great price.
Now i need a dac/streamer with a volume control or pre-amp.
Sold my Superuniti a while ago wich could have done the job…
but to use a su for that is a bit much.
Atom would make a good looking combo but then again would i make the most out of it?
A 272 perhaps, but a bit too expensive.
Any thoughts ?
Other brands have options, but i like Naim :wink:

auralic perhaps, linn?

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It’s unclear whether by referring to a 272 as “a bit too expensive”, you’re talking about new or second hand. If the former, why not look for a pre-loved 272? If that is still too pricey, you might consider a pre-loved 172XS or, beyond Naim, an Auralic Altair could be worth an audition.

BTW Many on the forum would say that buying a pair of speakers and then trying to find electronics to fit is a recipe for disappointment. I hope your search bucks this trend and you end up with an enjoyable system.


Hi Peakman,
No a second hand (about 3000 euro) is still too much.
Maybe a sh Atom. I had a Unitiqute once, it had a function “no speakers”
so to use it as a preamp.
Partnering electronics with active speakers like the Navis i thought would be less

Have you seen the Okto research DAC8 Stereo ?

not heard of that. You have also moon simaudio streamers with integrated pre.

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