Electric Record Company

i recently came across a post on You Tube it caught my eye only the guy was reviewing their album release of Love - Forever Changes.
Having been a fan since 1966 and I’ve various copies of this album from original, Rhino remastered to the Mobile Fidelity 45 rpm version.
He thought the first two tracks were better on the MF version but the latter tracks were superior on the ERC version.
Having been informed that they only release 300 copies in mono and stereo versions at £300 each and all have been sold !
I was wondering if any on the forum have bought any of the albums on ERC label and what did they think ?



Forever Changes in stereo.
I haven’t played the album in any of its releases in awhile, but I remember liking the ERC a lot. Lovely sound.

I have the usual suspects: early US, Mofi, Rhino anniversary…

I have read and watched that some received some lps from ERC with clicks and pops, or bad packaging.
I find already the prices ridiculous, excessive, but at that level of price you shouldn’t expect to receive an lp with default pressing or a warped record.

I have stereo Forever Changes. I think it sounds excellent. Whether its worth the cost is another debate.
I have Mofi 45rpm, Rhino reissue also. This version is my favourite. It is cut quite low so the volume needs cranking up but when you do it sounds great.
I have a couple of their jazz reissues also but do not have anything to compare them to.

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