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Dear Community members,
When I changed my nap200 for a nap 250dr, the fuse in my home electrical system regularly (but not always) breaks when I turn on the system in the morning. The fuse is not dedicated to the stereo set. A number of lamps and other items are connected as well. Would this be an issue with the nap250dr (I never had this issue with the nap200) or just that I need to add an extra fuse to my home electrical system dedicated to the stereo set? Your help/advise would be very welcome.

This is because the 250 will be drawing more power to get going, the so called inrush current. The fix is to use a Type C breaker in your consumer unit. You need to ensure that this meets the regulations of wherever you live so it’s probably worth involving an electrician.

While you are at it, it’s worth investigating dedicated mains. You have a good system and that would help to get the best from it.

The easy fix is to leave the whole system switched on. For best sound you should certainly leave the rest on all the time, just turning the 250 on and off.

Thanks a lot HH. Very clear. I have asked an electrician to help out. Now some work is needed on the home system anyway, a dedicated solution seems the way to go. I indeed only turn down my power amp at the end of the day and leave the rest on all the time

That’s good. There is lots on here about dedicated mains. The two key things I’d advise is to split the meter tails and get a dedicated separate consumer unit just for the hifi, and to take the earth back to the meter box; do not piggy back the earth from the main consumer unit.

Robert, below is a wiring diagram that most of us adhere to (not put together by me). The main difference between us all is the runs between the new consumer unit, and the sockets. There is lots on the Forum about this - in my case I have a single 10mm2 cable going to a single socket, some have multiple 6mm cables, but the diagram will give you electrician something to begin with

But to be clear, the separate cable and consumer unit won’t help with your issue at all, unless you ask for a type C breaker to be fitted to the new consumer unit, as HH advised above in his first posting.

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Indeed. My breaker is a 50amp Type C and has never tripped.

Leaving the amp switched on means turning it off if you go on holiday, not just every night. Fuses etc excepted it will sound better this way, as does all your Naim kit. It was designed to be left on.


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