Electro/techno suggestions

I’m a keen fan of dance music next to classical.

My two most favorite dance albums are:

  • Danny Tenaglia - Back to basics presents cd2 (cd1 is not my taste)
  • Dave Clarke World Service (Electro mix)

I listen a lot to soundcloud but most of the stuff there I seem to like is of poor audio quality

Does anyone have some nice tips for albums to share?

Global Underground series was/is good plus the offshoot Nubreed, the likes of Nick Warren, Deep Dish, for something more recent check out Armin Van Burren A State of Trance weekly set, I dropped out of it at 500, currently circa 800.

Check out the Alabama 3


Ah yes, Global Underground… brings back memories! I’ll check the rest out later tonight, thanks!

Nice!, Although strictly speaking not quite electro nor techno :wink: Reminds me a bit of 2manydj’s live shows

The early sets where better, hence why around 500 I lost interest

Danny Tenaglia and Dave Clarke are both at the deep tough end of the spectrum.
You’re best bet is to look at the record labels. Some labels having a specific roster of artists and type.
I would suggest looking through ; Rekids. Poker Flat recordings. SOMA. Ostgut Ton. Innervisions. Kompakt. Fabric and Boogybytes compilations.
I’m a big fan of Ricardo Villalobos, both his recorded material and selections as a DJ. Although he’s more of a minimal techno/microhouse player ! As some of those big bangers that sound awesome on a big rig sound wrong on a home system. :upside_down_face:

Here’s a few of my favourites over the recent years.

The mid 1990s to mid 2000s was probably the finest hour for Techno.

A few favourites other than the usual suspects.

A question like this most certainly has to include Drexciya and any of the offshoot projects in a response!
Early Jeff Mills like the Waveforms albums
Theo Parrish
Carl Craig
Model 500
Anything on Underground Resistance
Red Planet, some amazing 12’s
Basic Channel
Miles Sagnia
Claro Intelecto
Andy Stott
Nina Kraviz / Trip record label

Just scratching the surface!

When asking about “Techno” your up for the noodling cosmic electro jazz as it was originally imagined.
Then you have a splintering of many offshoots, even way back in the day.

Yes. I’m not sure where to take this either: Caravan Palace, Tangerine Dream, Infected Mushroom, Paul Oakenfold or Yuli Fertig (Ace Ventura and Perfect Stranger etc)…

I’ve got that on vinyl, great label Cajual, Brighter Days is one of my fave tunes.

Certainly worth discovering if you aren’t familiar with it, saw them perform this live some years back.

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A good suggestion ! Start digging. It goes deep.

Dammit, got me started on it now!

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Russian keep fit techno from love me long time.

That’s my post latte morning routine sorted.

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Perhaps The prototype…

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I’ve moved on to headphones and Masters at Work!

I blame you for this…