Electro/techno suggestions

New stuff.

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Nice fresh ones.


Todays rotation album, quite a decent variety of tracks here.

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Is that in order to dance…

Or in order to dance…

In the way to pronounce it ?? :innocent:

I’ve always gone for the Craig revel horwood darnce.
Perhaps why I always felt awkward at raves. :grinning:

Nothing a bowtie can’t fix!

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Middle, only option surely?

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@TOBYJUG - saw you posted about Klangphonics on the YouTube thread, they’re on Bandcamp too, it’s half decent stuff :smiley:

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32 years ago my first witness to The Aphex Twin. What a great way to start.


Remastered John Hopkins, Immunity, just released. Good excuse to reacquaint oneself with it 8)