Electro/techno suggestions

Unbelievable quality! n-SATs are sounding like DBLs, i kid you not!:eyes::open_mouth::sunglasses::fire:


This is a great watch for those who are really interested in electro music and when it all started to take a hold worldwide in the very early 80s

P.S. Egyptian Lover mentions at the end of his interview that while he’s in the UK he’s going to visit a top Bentley dealership to buy a new Bentley. I wonder if he ever chose one with a Naim system in it? IME Electro Breakbeat music sounds absolutely amazing through a Naim system.

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When I hear these grooves. Not just the toe tapping, but the body popping…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nice recent upload.

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I’m very saddened to hear of the passing of MC Conrad. He was the greatest D’n’B MC of all time for me, he got me through some of the toughest times of my life with his legendary vocals.

R.I.P Conrad :pray:

Taken from us way too young :heart:

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Absolutely amazing performance! So lucky to experience those wonderful times man. Thanks for the fantastic memories Conny!:heart::heart::heart::pray:

Baby ford 1994 Amenity.

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RIP Andy it’s still quite odd to think he died so relatively young a very talented musician and producer.

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If you can find a copy still it’s well worth a read. Nice mixture of taking you back to a great period, and great to hear how pragmatic a producer and musician he was - with little or no training as far as I can make out 8)

Also, this is worth digging out too (if you haven’t already!?),

Woodleigh Research Facility - Phonox Nights. Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh. I couldn’t quite work out what the issue was but I think Nina Walsh had a very hard time getting it out there.

Gonna line up some Sabres Of Paradise this evening!!

2000 release.

2002 Peacefrog release.