Emergency help required

I have just brought a recent 2016 Superuniti BT and trying to set it up.

I want to connect to my WiFi network but my password uses a ‘_’ underscore symbol in it and for my life cannot seem to be able to find that anywhere on the handset keys (hidden behind a key somewhere I hope).

I could re do the WiFi password but then I’ll have to rejig all my other devices with a new password :frowning:)

Can someone please help?



I don’t have my Superuniti with me but as far as I can see, there isn’t an underscore button :frowning:
Hopefully you’ve now got yourself up and running.
Bear in mind, if at all possible, a wired connection is preferable. The wi-fi on these machines can be a bit flaky, with drop-outs unless the wifi router is really quite close to the Superuniti.

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